Can You Wax a Car Wrap

Got a new car wrap and wondering how to clean it properly? Many drivers ask for the best methods to clean a wrapped vehicle without damaging the vehicle wrap or original paintwork. The answer is fairly simple. According to Atlantic Wraps in Charlotte, NC, you should wash your car wrap carefully, and try not to use polish or wax that isn’t designed for car wraps. If you want to wax your car wrap, speak to an expert and ensure you’re buying the right type of wax. Certain types of waxes could potentially damage your car wrap and it won’t look good as new anymore. It does, however, depend on the type of wrap you have. Here are some tips on how to take care of your vehicle wrap.

Wash your car wrap as often as needed

You should wash your car wrap regularly and as soon as it gets dirty. Remove those stubborn stains before they set. Certain contaminants will only get more and more difficult the longer you leave them. Take care of your vehicle wrap by keeping it clean and it will last for longer. Washing your vehicle wrap is as good as waxing as it has a natural sheen. You can wash your car wrap at home or take it to a car wash.

Be careful at the car wash

If you take your wrapped vehicle to the car wash check the type beforehand. If the car wash is automated and uses brushes this is not the best for your vehicle wrap. Opt for a car wash that doesn’t use brushes instead. In fact, when you clean your car wrap yourself you should also avoid using brushes and hard cloths. A squeegee or sponge will be safer. The brush bristles could scratch the car wrap’s surface and so could rougher cloths.

Relieve the pressure

It’s better to clean your car wrap gently. You can, however, use a pressure washer if you like. Just be careful not to point it at an angle as this could risk lifting the paint protection film. You want to keep the angle perpendicular and spray the car wrap from about a foot away. Keep the pressure below 2000 psi and the temperature below 180F. Even when you are cleaning your car wrap yourself you should avoid pressing too hard and using too much heat and pressure. Try to not get in the habit of vigorous scrubbing, as this could affect the integrity of the vehicle wrap.

Soak stubborn stains

If your neighborhood birds have paid you a visit or other debris has fallen on your vehicle wrap then you can remove these stains quite easily. The important thing is not to buff or scrape these unsightly blemishes. Instead, soak them in hot soapy water for a while. You will find that they’re much easier to wipe off gently after this. You could even add an isopropyl alcohol cleaner to the mix. Use two parts of isopropyl to one part of water. This will help you remove those stubborn stains.

Avoid harsh cleaning products

There are certain cleaning materials you should avoid using on your car wrap. Avoid harsher regular car wash soaps. Instead, use products that are specifically designed for wrapped cars. You could also try waterless car wrap wash liquid. This way you can reduce the risk of leaving watermarks and smears on the surface of your vehicle wrap. These types of cleaners work by breaking the dirt down, so you don’t need too much heat or pressure. You can simply wipe away stains. Waterless car wrap cleaner has a dry finish and will leave your car wrap gleaming.

Wash instead of wax

For most types of vehicle wraps, a wash is as good as a wax. This is because you will successfully remove any dust and debris, revealing the car wrap’s natural sheen. You shouldn’t need to use polishing products or wax on matte or textured films. With regular gentle cleaning, you can achieve perfect results. You can also buy different products such as shine protectant for certain types of car wrap. You can use wax on glossy vehicle wraps, but ensure it’s intended for these.

No buffing

Buffing your car wrap should be avoided. All car surfaces will have a trace of small debris, even if it’s not visible to the naked eye. When you buff your car wrap with a cloth, what you’re essentially doing is making tiny scratches on the surface with these dirt particles. This could end up marking the car wrap and actually making it look worse rather than better. Wash your car instead using a squeegee or microfiber cloth.

Are there any types of car wrap you can wax?

The answer to this question is yes. Even though waxes and polishes are best avoided on matte, textured, or metallic look vehicle wraps and graphics, you can wax glossy wraps. You are best off buying wax that is specifically designed for glossy car wraps, and avoid using this on matte or even satin wraps. Be very careful when waxing your glossy vehicle wrap. Ensure you avoid a build-up of excess wax especially around the edges, seams, and joins of the car wrap. Regarding getting rid of the excess wax, you can give your glossy vehicle wrap a nice finish.

In conclusion, it depends on the type of car wrap you have as to whether you should wax it or not. If you have a glossy wrap, you can wax it but with any other type, it’s best avoided. Always use wax or cleaning products that say they are designed for wrapped cars on the label. These will be the safest and leave the best finish. Take good care of your vehicle wrap and it will look better for longer. Wraps are one of the best ways to protect your vehicle and keep it looking great.

Most car wrapping companies have a full range of car wraps and products available. If you’re wondering how to best take care of your vehicle wrap, ask an expert for advice.

Author: Doug