Car Accidents Are Never Planned: You Still Need a Plan After One

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Car accidents are a part of life whether you are living in a small town or New York. Depending on your location the steps you take after a car accident should be very similar. You might have to wait a while in a small town for a tow truck but in New York depending on traffic it could take a matter of minutes. One of the most stressful events you can be involved in is a car accident as you could be injured, your only transportation ruined, and possible legal consequences if you are at fault. The following are a few things that you need to do after a car accident as time is essential.

Get a Copy of the Accident Report and Take Your Own Photos

Getting a copy of the accident report from the officer that arrives on the scene is paramount. This is the log of events from the perspective of an officer that sees traffic accidents on a daily basis. Seeing accidents on a daily basis does not mean that the assessment of the accident will be correct as mistakes can happen. Take your own accident scene photos with your smartphone as a tire skid expert could testify the person who caused the accident could have been going well over the speed limit. Take photos of any injuries you have as well as the opposition in court will try to downplay any injuries you might have incurred.

Wait Until The Next Day To Call Your Insurance Company

Your insurance company is going to want an overview of what happened in the accident. Wait until the next day to call them as you might be as flustered as you have ever been while on the phone. All you have to do is read the accident report to them and other questions shouldn’t be answered. An agent asking if you were stressed has no bearing on a person rear-ending you; so just give them the info in the report then ask about rental cars and other details like that.

Find a Lawyer and Legal Funding

The right lawyer for you depends on the injuries that you have and the circumstances of the accident. Lawsuit loans can allow you to have money while you wait the insurance company out as they drag their feet with your settlement. The right lawyer will be willing to go to trial with the insurance company. Do not pick a lawyer because they are a personal friend but rather choose an attorney that has a proven track record. Car accident cases can be quite complicated with a variety of witnesses so you want a proactive lawyer that wins the case instead of waits for a verdict.

Track All Medical Expenses and Therapy

Track all of your medical expenses as well as any therapy sessions you have gone to. Your lawyer will be able to use these in court while trying to negotiate the best settlement possible. Do not settle for less than you think you deserve or terminate your legal counsel. Not all lawyers are looking to fight during a trial but would rather settle out of court to avoid the case going to trial. You want a lawyer that has trial experience with success against the juggernauts that are the insurance company’s legal team.

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Car Accidents Are Never Planned: You Still Need a Plan After One