5 Exotic Vehicles to Save Up For

As we spend more and more time in commutes, our cars have become more than a means of transportation. They’re also no longer just a style symbol. They need to be both comfortable and luxurious. They need to tell the world (and ourselves) who we are, what we value, and our own personal style. Some cars are far out of reach with price tags in the multi-millions. However, others like the Audi R8 and up and Lexus LC come with a price tag that’s achievable with a little saving.

Here are the 5 best exotic vehicles to build into your budget:

  1. Lexus LC. Hovering at around $100,000, this six-figure slick ride has an upscale cabin and a one of a kind performance. It features a V8 engine, cozy seats perfect for long road trips, and a smooth ride. However, it does also come with small cargo space (as per usual with sports cars). The Lexus is making a comeback after it’s 90s heyday, and now is the perfect time to stay ahead of trends.
  2. Chevy Corvette. The Corvette has never gone out of style, and they’re always a showstopper on the road. The latest model can come with a surprisingly low-price tag starting around $55,000 for a base model. It’s known for world-class performance and a highly refined interior. Of course, the V8 engine and professional-grade handling (along with a generous trunk space compared to competitors) give it an edge.
  3. Audi R8. With a price tag around $160,000, this Audi is solidly in the six-figure category—but well worth it. With 532 worth of horsepower and a V10 engine, it’s bound to blow most other cars on the road out of the water. The extremely slick lines and attention to detail make it equal parts luxury and sport (just what you deserve).
  4. Mercedes Benz GT. The price starts at $112,000, but considering this iteration has a more powerful engine than any of its predecessors, it makes it a drool-worthy option. A fantastic performance with premium handling and an elegant cabin with generous seats make it a favorite for those who want to have it all. It also features a new, stylish trim in 2018 that’s gaining notice in the sports circuit world.
  5. Nissan GT-R. Since when can a Nissan cost up to $175,000? Nissan is overtaking the sports world at a fast clip with this beauty which comes with amazing driving dynamics designed for cornering. It does have a back seat, albeit a small one, and leans more towards sporty than luxurious. Apple CarPlay now comes standard, which inches the Nissan a little more into daily driver territory.

When selected and maintained well, a car can be more than a status symbol. In some cases, it can be an investment. Collectors of sports cars who have a soft spot for the finer things in life have five gorgeous options at their fingertips. All of them are well worth a little budgeting to slip these dream machines into the garage. Which is at the top of your list?

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5 Exotic Vehicles to Save Up For