Car Protection Guide: How to Prevent Rust on Cars


Rust causes $3 billion worth of damage to cars every year. Vehicles are most vulnerable to this damage during wet months, like winter and spring. 

How are you going to protect your vehicle from rust this winter?

There are a handful of effective rust-protection methods to consider. Some will cost you a pretty penny while others are completely free. Keep reading for the top tips on how to prevent rust on cars.  

1. Deep Clean the Undercarriage

Rust occurs when iron-containing metal is exposed to moisture and oxygen. This process weakens the metal and causes the flaky, red texture we’re all familiar with.

There are plenty of places for moisture to sit and hide in the undercarriage of your car. Think about all the nooks and crannies you can’t see under your car.

So, the first way to prevent your car from rusting is to deep clean the undercarriage. You should do this regularly, but it’s very important during moist seasons. Salt on the roads speeds up the rusting process.

Find a local car wash that lifts your car to deep clean the undercarriage. Drying the area after washing is equally important.

2. Get Rustproofing

There are a few different rustproofing methods that are effective. For a more reliable spray, see a mechanic or professional rustproof company rather than doing it yourself. 

It’s best to choose a rustproof agent that is oil-based. The molecules in oil-based rustproofing are small enough to penetrate the pores of the metal.

Solutions with larger molecules can’t fill the pores in the metal. And, they often trap moisture and oxygen under the sealant. It may look clean, but under the sealant, rust is forming.

Make sure your car is clean and dry before applying the rustproof. Debris stuck under the solution can also lead to rust.

3. Park in Your Garage

Where do you park your car? During the winter months especially, it’s best to park your car in the garage.

Salt meant to destroy the ice on your driveway will also destroy the metal in your undercarriage. Avoid parking on salt, snow, and ice when possible.

The same goes for driving. If possible, avoid driving on heavily salted roads. It’s better to drive your vehicle on roads that use sand. Go around puddles when it’s safe to do so.

In your garage, consider tiling your garage floor. Garage floor tiles are easier to keep clean and salt-free in the winter, thus protecting your car. Plus, keeping your car inside means it won’t be covered in snow from the night before when you leave for work. 

Still Wondering How to Prevent Rust on Cars?

To avoid expensive damage to your car, you need to be proactive about rust. If you’re wondering how to prevent rust on cars, focus on keeping it clean and dry.

Assess where you park your car. Parking it on top of salt, snow, and ice can make it rust faster.

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Author: Brandon Park