The Best 8 Types of Trucks for Transporting Goods


If you are transporting goods, it’s likely you’ll need a truck to do the job. There are many different types of trucks for transporting different types of goods.

Each type of track has unique abilities to suit different loads and different journeys.

Below, we have rounded up eight different types of tracks that you can choose from when you are transporting goods.

1. Truck with a Semi-Trailer

The semi-trailer truck is the most popular type of truck that you will see on the road. They can fulfill most transportation needs.

This type of truck is useful as it can be loaded from the back or the side. This truck can also transport pallets.

2. Tow Truck

A tow truck has special attachments to tow other vehicles. It is also powerful enough to lift and tow large vehicles where necessary. 

Some tow trucks may lift a vehicle completely onto its bed, and others lift the vehicle by the front wheels only. 

3. Truck with a Jumbo Trailer

A jumbo trailer truck is similar to a semi-trailer truck, but there is more space in the back. It can be loaded from the back of the truck, the sides, and from the top if needed.

4. Truck with a Tail Lift 

A tale of trust is useful in the distribution industry. The truck has a lifting platform at the back which can lift goods in and out of the trailer.

5. Truck Trailer

A truck trailer allows you to load and unload goods quickly. It has one of the largest loading volumes of all of the types of trucks, meaning you have plenty of space to carry cargo. A truck trailer is also fully enclosed and will protect the items from weather damage.

6. Truck with a Flatbed

A flatbed truck has a flatbed at the back. This doesn’t have any sides or a roof.

It is often used by the agriculture industry either to transport machinery or transport hay and straw bales.

7. Lowboy Trailer

A lowboy trailer is similar to a flatbed trailer. The lowboy trailer has part of the trailer tipped down so that you can transport all items that would be over the legal height limit.

8. Truck with Refrigeration Capabilities

As suggested by the name, a refrigerated truck is a truck that can transport frozen or refrigerated items. The cargo area of the truck can be climate control to different temperatures to suit the needs of the individual cargo.

These trucks are more costly than other trucks due to the refrigeration element of the trailer. They are commonly used by supermarkets and food companies to transport food in a cold or frozen state.

Learn About the Different Types of Trucks Today!

The type of truck to suit your needs will be determined by the type of goods you plan to transport.

There are so many different types of trucks out there, and that you will find one to suit your needs. For more information on trucks, take a look at the other articles on our blog.

Author: Brandon Park