5 Key Tips for Selling a Junk Car for Cash


Looking to get rid of that ugly junk car in your yard? You’re doing a great thing. And not only for your wallet. 80% of a vehicle is recyclable, so you’re helping the planet, too.

Here are a few tips you can use to make selling a junk car quick and easy!

1. Research Your Junk Car’s Value Online

Yes, believe it or not, your junker still has some value. It’s even possible to get $500 for a junk car if it’s the right type.But to generate interest in your old car, you’ll have to know how to price it.

The best way to learn your car’s value is by checking out Kelly Blue Book’s online database. It takes the guesswork out of selling your used vehicle and makes you a more informed seller.

Through the KBB site, you can look up your make and model’s value based on the quality of the vehicle’s condition.

2. Consider Making Easy Repairs

Not satisfied with what you saw on KBB? You might have a little bit of leeway if you can make some repairs on your vehicle.

Simple fixes like replacing the car’s breaks, fixing a leaky hose, or detailing the car’s interior can increase the value. Ultimately, it’s up to you how much time, energy, and money you want to put into your junk car.

Sometimes it’s easier to sell the vehicle as-is, so don’t feel like repairs are mandatory.

3. Find Leads Online

If you’re not interested in selling directly to a scrapyard, the Internet is by far your best bet. In fact, there’s never been a better time to sell your car!

Check out apps like LetGo or Facebook Marketplace or type ‘sell junk car‘ into Google for info on how you can get instant cash offers.

If you’re going the LetGo or Facebook route, be sure to fill out your listing in detail. Reiterate that the car is being sold as-is and include plenty of pictures. You’ll also want to make sure you’re ready to haggle.

4. Don’t Forget to Account for Towing Costs

Ready to haggle? Awesome!

But before you agree on the final cost of your vehicle, don’t forget to think about how you’ll get your junker to the buyer.

Towing can be a pain to arrange, not to mention expensive to pay for. Iron out the details before signing the final paperwork to avoid confusion and unnecessary frustration.

5. Keep Your Vehicle’s Paperwork Organized

Speaking of that final paperwork, make sure to keep it in a safe, secure location.

Whether you’re selling it through a company or to an individual seller, you’ll need a few important pieces of paperwork. The two most important documents are the title and bill of sale.

The title proves ownership, while the bill of sale acts as a contract that spells out the full details of the sale. If you lost your title, you can order a replacement through your local DMV.

Selling a Junk Car Made Easy

Who said that selling a junk car has to be difficult and frustrating? By following the steps detailed above, you’ll have an easy time getting the most cash for your car.

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5 Key Tips for Selling a Junk Car for Cash