Chip tuning of BMW – take advantage of your engine’s potential

Chip tuning is a great way to increase the engine power of your BMW to its full potential! This method not only increases the power of your car, but also has a positive effect on driving and the vehicle’s efficiency. This simple and safe method is based on the modification of parameters stored in the ECU – an electronic device which manages the operation of the engine.

BMW cars respond perfectly to chip tuning. Car workshops now have access to a large database containing ECU tuning files (check TC-PERFORMANCE for more details) that match every model of this brand.

    • What’s it all about?

Chip tuning is a method of electronic engine tuning, which involves modifying the ECU (Engine Control Unit) using tuning files. The ECU, which forms the basis of the car’s software, saves the parameters of the car in the form of tables, which are called maps.

In addition to modifying the parameters stored in the ECU by means of remapped files, it is also possible to carry out car tuning by means of a module, the so-called BOX. The module plugs into the control unit (ECU) and thus modifies its operation.

Chip tuning is an alternative to mechanical engine adjustment, which is a more difficult, costly, and risky method of increasing engine power and torque.

    • What services are included in chip tuning?

The chip tuning file service allows you to modify parameters such as fuel dose, injection angle, turbocharging pressure, and fuel injection pressure. Thanks to this, it significantly influences the power and torque of the engine, letting you enjoy the maximum capabilities of your BMW.

In addition to increasing power, engine remapping helps reduce the amount of consumed fuel and significantly improves the quality of driving. It changes the character of the car, which makes driving much more enjoyable. After ECU remapping, the car’s dynamics and driving power increase.

    • Is modifying the ECU safe?

Chip tuning is a service that is adapted individually to each car model. This allows not only to take full advantage of the car’s potential, but it also helps to avoid any threats of overloading the engine. When launching new models on the market, manufacturers do not program them to the full extent of their capabilities. Often subsequent model versions appearing on the market do not significantly differ from one another in terms of mechanics. Noticeable changes are usually only introduced in their software.

In order for the chip tuning and purchase of tuning drivers to be completely safe, you should choose a trusted workshop that has experience. TC-Performance is a specialist service which increases the power of cars with commitment and passion.

    • Which BMW models can be remapped?

BMW cars are extremely susceptible to electronic tuning using ECU remapping files. Effective chip tuning is possible in the case of small diesel 2.0 engines, large supercharged engines with double turbines, as well as gasoline engines. Experienced workshops have solutions that suit every BMW model, be it the popular version 5 or any other.

Author: Brandon Park