Out With the New, In With the Used: The Top Benefits of Buying Used Car Parts

Did you know that these days automakers produce over 70 million cars in a single year? That’s a lot of car parts! With that many new cars hitting the market every year, the number of used car parts floating around is staggering.

So when it’s time to make repairs, what’s stopping you for opting for used parts instead of new? There are many benefits of used parts. Read on to learn what they are!

1. Getting Exactly the Right Part

Though aftermarket parts exist and can be cheaper than brand new parts, they may not be an exact fit for what you are looking for. If you buy used from a junkyard, you may be able to find a replacement for the exact part you had before. This can be very helpful, especially when working on older cars.

If the car is older, classic, or antique, used may be your only option for original parts because manufacturers are no longer producing new parts for the vehicle. In this case, if you are looking to restore a classic, aftermarket parts just won’t do! You want the authenticity of original parts, and that means it’s time to hit the junkyard and see what you can dig up!

2. The Price Is Right

New parts are very expensive, and because of this, you may be tempted to use knock-off aftermarket parts. That can work for you in the short term, but these parts are cheaper for a reason. They are often not made to the same quality standards as the factory originals for your vehicle.

By buying used, you can get the exact original part for a lot less. It’ll have some miles on it, but it is often possible to find parts that still have tons of life left in them and ones that have the potential to outlast their new aftermarket competitors.

3. Good for the Environment

Buying used parts keeps them out of landfills and doesn’t consume materials creating new parts. By buying used parts, you can help do your part to reduce your carbon footprint and help our planet!

Sell Your Junk Car

Those used parts have to come from somewhere right? If you have a car that won’t drive anymore, you can sell it for parts so that someone else can reduce their carbon footprint too! And even better, a scrapyard will pay you to haul away your junk car!

Follow this link to find scrap car prices for your car!

Used Parts Can Be the Best Parts

So you see, used car parts can really be the best parts for your situation, for your wallet, and for the planet! They may take a little digging sometimes, but if you value quality, saving money, and keeping our earth nice and green, it’s worth it!

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Author: Brandon Park