Comfort and Convenience Can Improve Sales At a Car Dealership

The automotive industry is extremely competitive whether trucks, cars, or motorcycles are being sold. Improving sales on a monthly basis becomes the goal for all dealerships. Hiring the right sales staff is imperative then the other details that contribute to sales need to be taken care of to increase sales monthly. One issue with car dealerships whether a person is purchasing or having a car repairs is the issue of comfort. Long waits can turn guaranteed sales to missed sales as everyone wants their time to be respected. Make the sales process as comfortable and convenient as possible in order to beat sales from the previous year on a specific month. The following are tips that can add convenience and comfort at a car dealership that will have a positive impact on sales.

Close Parking Proximity To Showroom

In hot climates like that of Florida something as simple as putting customer parking as close to the showroom as possible is important. People are uncomfortable when they sweat and might feel rushed if approached while sweating by a salesperson. It only takes a small distance in high temperatures with high humidity to start sweating. This will also provide convenience as certain customers although not disabled might be a bit older and walking can be a huge deterrent to coming to the dealership.

Massage Chairs For Those Waiting

Waiting for a car to be repaired or financial approval to be given by a lender can lead to lost sales. Provide comfort by having healing hands massage chairs in the waiting room as you want customers to be as happy as possible without noticing time that has passed. This not only can improve sales but can avoid losing repair customers due to longer waits than expected. This can also be great for staff on breaks to relax as this can help improve productivity as well as blood flow. Make going to the car dealership an enjoyable thing but providing massages via chairs to all those waiting regardless of why they are waiting.

Provide Food

Providing food is something that many car dealerships do in the form of coffee and donuts. This food is morning based so something like a platter of sandwiches can play a huge part in increasing sales. A person who has food in their stomach is also much less likely to start getting upset when compared to someone who hasn’t eaten in hours. Take care of the customers that you have and they will return the favor through purchases or paying for repairs that otherwise they might have skipped simply to get out of the dealership a little bit faster.

Put Big Games On TV

A lot of customers come to purchase vehicles on the weekend due to being off from work. Playing the big game on the TVs available can help close a sale rather than a customer having to return due to the game being on. This can even help the sales staff build rapport with customers if they are routing for the same team or finding out that they attended the same college. Food and the games being on give prospects the feeling of being at home as they will not feel like they are missing anything.

As you can see the smallest details can help with conversions of sales and retention of loyal customers. Use the above tips and add comfort to your dealerships starting today!

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Comfort and Convenience Can Improve Sales At a Car Dealership