No More Slumps:Boosting Sales At a Car Dealership With These Tips

The car dealership competition around the country is quite intense as the demand for cars nearly never dips. With the economy in a strong place compared to past decades people have more expendable income. Bringing people to the dealership is part of the battle but to be successful the staff are going to have to close sales. The days of the fast talking salesperson being able to convince a person to get a car they do not need are all but over. The consumer is as informed as they can be and can refer to their smartphone if they doubt any answers they are given. The following are tips to increase sales at a dealership when dealing with more informed customers.

Market Online and Update Inventory Daily

Online marketing can help position a dealership in the search engines above their competition. Many car dealerships outsource this to a marketing company as they have an entire staff dedicated to garnering exposure for dealerships. The website can also be a place to market as you can educate potential customers on car repairs, loans, and maintenance. The website can also be a great place to show your inventory but this needs to be updated daily. A person could drive hour for a great deal only to find out the car was sold a few days prior. A great tip is to add your inventory to car sale aggregators so people searching for a specific car can see what your dealership has to offer even if they live in another city.

Hire Great Sales People That Take Care of Their Looks

First impressions are everything when it comes to sales as a salesperson can come off pushy or not knowledgeable. People who are deemed better looking tend to have better first impressions than those who are not good looking. A salesperson who is attractive with the same skills as a person who isn’t is going to sell more cars. A great smile or skin is something that people will be looking at right off of the bat. Senvie has skincare products that can help with a young look and help rid yourself of lines that show age. Hire those who take care of themselves for your sales team and they will take care of you by closing sales.

Make The Showroom As Comfortable As Possible

People go out and buy cars on weekends as many people have these days off. Big sports games tend to be held on weekends in order to get as much of a viewership and attendance as possible. One big game in a local area can make the showroom a ghost town. Showing the game on a few big screen TVs and advertising this can allow people to watch the game while car shopping. Offering free food and a watch party can be effective especially if a local team is involved in the game. The days of coffee being the only perk in the showroom should be over as car buying should be an experience instead of a chore.

Sales increasing month after month can turn a new dealership into a staple of the community for years to come. Be proactive about increasing sales instead of simply waiting for the times of the year where cars are easily sold. Sell quality cars at the right price to keep customers coming back for car after car.

Author: Brandon Park