Common Conditions Caused By Motor Vehicle Accidents?

Kansas City is a beautiful and magical place with its fountains, spectacular buildings, and museums. All these stunning views and pleasant weather makes driving around town fun. But sadly, in Kansas City, thousands of individuals lose their life to auto-mobile road accidents. Be it a minor or major car accident, they both can cause severe injuries. A minor injury may also lead to a brain hemorrhage that can prove to be fatal. Nobody wishes or wants to get into a mobile auto accident, but unfortunately, such incidents occur now and then, affecting thousands of families every year.

Most common motor vehicles accident injuries

Motor vehicle accidents range from minor to fatal. But both types can make the victims unable to work and carry out their daily life tasks. The victims also have to face skyrocketing hospital bills, rehabilitation costs, and other costs.

Injuries to the neck

Neck injuries are the most common and occur in nearly all car accidents, especially during a rear-ended collision. Due to rear-end collision, persons without a seat belt are pushed forward into the windshield with immense force.

This sudden jerky movement of the next back and forth can cause the muscles and ligaments in the neck to become overly stretched or torn. This causes excruciating and unbearable pain and leads to neck strains, cervical dislocations, or displaced cervical discs.

Lacerations and scars

If the glass shatters, chemicals leak, or fire during the automobile accident, it can lead to burns, lacerations, and scars on the face and thorax. Severe cases cause disfiguration.

If the individual survives and heals, the remaining facial scars may haunt him and damage his self-esteem and confidence. They might become a target of bullying and find working at an office and going to college very difficult.


Severe automobile accidents can cause fractures and broken bones, especially those in which multiple vehicles are involved, or the car turns upside down. Broken bones can lead to other problems such as pneumonia, punctured lungs, and pulmonary hemorrhage.

Fractures can cause a broken pelvis, hip fractures, skull fractures, and broken ribs. In such cases, you need to find a Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney Kansas City to help you and your family fight for their injury rights.

Other injuries

Apart from these devastating injuries, loss of limbs, brain damage, and back injuries are widespread medical emergencies requiring immediate assistance.

Billions of people die due to such injuries inflicted due to automobile accidents. Despite multiple safety precautions and safety technology, several automobile accidents and deaths are on the rise.

Leading causes of automobile accidents

·         Drunk driving

·         Sleepy drivers

·         Distracted while driving

·         Harsh and aggressive drivers


Most motor vehicle accidents are preventable if drivers drive with their full attention towards the car. People need to understand that their carelessness can put the lives of other people at risk. Automobile accidents lead to devastating injuries such as broken bones, brain damage, amputation, neck strains, and dislocations. One must always drive carefully and attentively.

Author: Mike