How Much Does a Locksmith Charge to Program a Key Fob

Keys are some of the most important objects to have. They are so important, an average individual likely has a couple of them or will have some at some point. They may look small and tiny but they carry so much significance as to deny you entry or access to a car, house, or locker. Technology has influenced a lot of things and these include the way keys are made and customized. Because of the nature of keys, the frequency of their use, and their size, misplacement or damage could factor at some point. 

Getting a key replacement decades ago seemed to be quite easy as the use of programming technology wasn’t widespread, although the simple nature of the keys also made them prone to theft, loss, or duplicity. However, with the advent of engineering technology, key replacement is quite easy but tends to come at a price too. Apparently, the charges of a locksmith for the programming of a key fob tend to vary based on the location, complexity of the lock, and nature of the key. Some of the common keys and the peculiar average charges are enumerated below;

Basic Keys

Fobs come fitted in most modern keys and they are an important part of the key as damage to the fob can destroy the usefulness of the key. The cost of replacing a key fob as opined earlier depends on a host of factors which include the location, type of key i.e. the complexity of the design. There is no fixed price for replacing a key fob but you can expect to be charged from $50 to over $100 and what determines how much you will be charged will be the factors identified earlier. However, if you are interested in changing your key fob, it is advised that you first inquire from your dealership because it is possible they may offer the service as a complimentary service to their customers.   

Switchblade Keys

This kind of key which tends to either have a basic cut or laser cut may fold inside the fob when not in use and pop out when a button is pressed. It’s a bit difficult to determine the cost of replacing the fob of a switchblade key because the parts may be purchased separately. This type of key may also be delicate and as such may require the service of an expert locksmith to repair. Since the parts may be purchased separately, your expenditure may be based on the exact part of the key you want to replace. However, for the shank, it may cost about $60-$80 but in the case, you have to change the shank and the key fob concurrently then it may cost around $200 to $300. 

Keyless Entry (Smart Key) 

Keyless entry is quite unique in that it’s not a key that can be inserted or removed at will when the vehicle is parked; the key is fixed and can only be used by tapping a button for the car to start. Obviously, the cost of reprogramming the fob of a keyless entry will be quite costly. The cost of replacing and reprogramming a smart key may range from $220 to over $500 depending on the car maker. Also, the value of the car will influence the cost of carrying out a replacement for the key fob. 

Keys just like every other material are subject to wear and tear. At some point, you will likely face the need to replace them. When it comes to the issue of key fob replacement, you could either opt for a DIY approach or solicit the services of a locksmith. Although it is recommended that you utilize the services of a locksmith for the best result, if you prefer to tinker with replacing your key fob by yourself then you could seek out an instructional guide online and then purchase specific parts of the car key fob online. Dealerships may also offer key fob replacement services but the cost may be more expensive compared to the charges by a locksmith. It is apt to state that if your vehicle is a recent model then your best bet will be to visit your dealership to fix the key fob issue. An average locksmith may not really have the specific gadget needed to replace the key fob issue on a recent edition car. Check out the manual of your car before heading to the locksmith or dealership, it may contain easy to implement 

Author: Doug