5 Best Corporate Gifts for Car Lovers

Corporate gifts are probably not the easiest gifts to choose, especially to your car lover’s colleagues, employees, and boss.

Car lovers can like many different items related to their precious vehicle, and it’s much better for you to get prepared before purchasing anything.

If you’re searching for a corporate gift for car lovers but you’re not into cars yourself, you can check out Swag Bar and this article is exactly what you’re looking for. From tech gifts and practical ones to more elegant ones, we’ve got you covered.

Why offer corporate gifts to car lovers that are related to their passion, or not to the office? Well, first, because it’s probably not going to be their common item for cars such as a microfiber cloth or air freshener.

Also, simply because they will appreciate even more than a normal gift, and that is why you should check out our selection here below.

Moshi Car Charger Duo 2-port Car Charger – $32.50

A car charger is most likely the most useful and common accessory to be given as a gift to car lovers.

The Moshi car charger is a great candidate for both unique gifts for car lovers and gifts for people who restore cars as they will both be able to use it anytime while in their car.

It fast charges 2 devices at the same time and compact enough to be taken everywhere you go. 

Also, its internal system protects your devices from overcharging, which means no worries for your car lover friend.

Orbitkey Key Organiser Leather – $39.90

A key organizer is another one of the best gifts for classic car lovers.

It is a great accessory for car lovers and it was definitely built with an elegant touch. It can carry up to 7 keys, including car keys and house keys which makes it practical for both private and professional life.

It is a reliable and beautiful alternative to classic keyrings and your car lovers’ friends will definitely be happy to receive it.

It is also great in terms of personalization. In fact, Orbitkey gives customers the option to add a monogram with the initials of your car’s lover friend, which really adds to the surprise.

Naxa Universal Mobile Phone Car Mount – $12.49

Are you looking for some gifts for Japanese car lovers? This might be the one to please them.

The Naxa mobile phone car mount is a brilliant accessory ready to be mounted in any car and its beautiful design will match every car’s interior.

Other than having a beautiful design, it has a 360-degree support which is extremely useful when willing to adjust it. Also, it has a quick-release button which allows car lovers to grab their phones and go very easily.

Kinto Travel Tumbler – $38

Being a car lover means loving every accessory that goes well with it and gives it more style.

The travel tumbler from Kinto is a beautifully designed bottle with various elegant styles that would fit any car from humble ones to more premium ones. This is one of the best gifts for classic car lovers for this reason.

In addition, the lid was specially made to add some ice cubes to the beverage, close it safely and take it with your friend or colleague in their car. This is a great feature we like and that we consider a great corporate gift for car lovers.

Lastly, it was cited by Gemnote for being a fantastic corporate gift for all office workers and we think that it’s more than suitable for car lovers.

Sunsir Travel Organizer Bag – $12.99

A travel organizer bag is a great and unique gift for car lovers for several reasons. 

To start with, it is a great asset to every car in any travel that, in fact, everyone should have. It is so small and yet can carry so many things such as cables, chargers, memory cards, and even credit cards. This is actually some of the most practical gifts for people who restore cars.

Obviously, it is perfect for both professional and private use and is, therefore, one of the best corporate gifts. For example, it is a perfect accessory for weekend trips but it’s also the perfect case to bring to the office.

Author: Doug