Criminals are Using these Secret Techniques to Steal Cars

Some thieves have figured out how to steal cars using modern technology. Knowing these methods can help you to protect your car.

Whether it is a used one or a new one, it is quite a financial commitment to buy and maintain a car. We love our cars – they are our ticket to freedom of mobility. Cars have also come a long way when it comes to safety features and technologies. 

So why are there still 1 million cars stolen in the United Kingdom every year?

Although some cars are stolen, the thief can only steal from one place to another. Mostly as part of another criminal activity. But many cars are still stolen and demolished to meet the demand for stolen vehicle parts. 

All the removable parts will be sold. Honda, General Motors, and Toyota are considered the easiest to steal, and their parts are also the easiest to sell as they are in high demand in the black market.

In this article, we explored five ways criminals use technology to steal a car like yours. We will also discuss the precautions you can take to ensure your car’s safety and security

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Car Identity Theft

The vehicle identification number (VIN) is like the fingerprint of a car, motorcycle, truck, etc. Every vehicle has one Unique VIN. This identification number string comprises 17 characters, including both numbers and alphanumeric. 

It is used to identify the model, manufacturer, specification, etc. of the car.

VIN may be used by tech-savvy car thieves to create a copy of your car. One way is to copy the VIN from the parking lot or find the vehicle in the junkyard and then steal the VIN details. 

They first create fake documents and forged plates and then find and steal a similar car. Using the stolen VIN, that vehicle becomes the original. Now, the stolen car is legal with that particular VIN.

Another technique for offenders to do this is to rent a car, find an identical vehicle, and steal VIN details. Then legally sell the rental car.

A few days later, the car was stolen and returned. The original VIN details were restored. Then the buyer (or maybe you( will be criminally liable.

Safety Measurements: 

Keep your VIN safely and only disclose information when it is a must. Purchase cars only from reputable vendors or contact relatives you trust.

Parking Lot Attacks

Do you ever park in a busy parking lot, and later worry that you might prevent someone from entering the lot? Thieves take advantage of this neurosis to induce people to return to the parking lot, jump off and steal the keys before driving into the car.

It is enough for the thief to call the scene and report that a specific car with a registration number blocks another vehicle. Compared to family cars, the target car is usually a car worth stealing, although both are possible.

Similarly, criminals roam the supermarket parking lot. When the victims return to their cars, they are ready to strike at any time. Heavy Shopping loads makes them vulnerable.

Safety Measurements: 

Do not drive in a hurry. Please take a moment and check from a distance whether your car is blocking people. Please do not go shopping at the supermarket late at night or alone, and stop near the store entrance.

Hijacking Keyless Systems

Thieves use gadgets to destroy the keyless ignition system. It only costs 25 dollars for the equipment. The transmitted radio signal can be unlocked, activated, or locked and disabled. 

For high-tech solutions to start and stop car engines, this is an embarrassing failure for car manufacturers. Once the radio signal is transmitted back to your car, the thief can immediately take it off.

Safety Measurements: 

Consider disabling radio activation. You should also install a protection switch to protect your car and cut off the engine. For this, you may need an expert.

Fake Mechanics

You cannot trust all auto mechanics out there. For example, you may want to empty the car’s valuables and disable the digital radio central unit just in case.

Some auto theft criminals have specific auto mechanic skills. They usually trawl online to find work. Once hired, they will continue to work until the car is repaired.

The thief does not even need your car keys if they are already delivered to the mechanic. They may take a break during the lunch break or wait until the end of the day before driving.

Safety Measurements: 

Always use your dealer authorized mechanics or repair shops.  Never rely on online ads for auto repair mechanics.

Turning Off Alarm at Night

Have you ever disabled your car alarm at night because of the noise? You do not want to disturb your neighbors, right? Being a responsible citizen is excellent, but turning off the alarm at night is a big mistake – as it is a theft tactic. 

The thieves deliberately trigger car alarms, forcing car owners to disable them remotely. Once everything calms down, thieves will break into the car and steal its contents.

Otherwise, the thief may crack the ignition device and drive away. 

Safety Measurements: 

Keep the alarm active at night. Similarly, you might also consider using a stop switch or at least an active steering wheel.

Stay Safe and Be Aware of These Car Theft Tricks

You should already be aware of the active threats posed by five critical technologies related to vehicle safety:

  1. Car Identity Theft
  2. Parking Lot Attacks
  3. Hijacking Keyless Systems
  4. Fake Mechanics
  5. Turning Off Alarm at Night

Last but not Least

Please pay attention to the preventive measures you can take in response to these risks and share your understanding of them. 

Simultaneously, do not be fooled by nonsense such as “coins on door handles.” It is an urban myth, and modern cars cannot be stolen using this technique.

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Criminals are Using these Secret Techniques to Steal Cars