Top 10 Tips for Growing Your Car Security

The statistics of car crimes are surprisingly high; they constitute an overall 13% of the crime rate in England.

Every 15 seconds, a car is stolen worldwide, which is a shocking fact and quite a sad incident for the one on whom this tragedy befalls. Having your car getting stolen is pretty traumatic.

The sad truth is that most of these events occur because the owners do not pay attention to securing their car at all.

Here are a few cheap, simple and proven tips to reduce the likelihood of your car getting stolen and to increase its overall security.


  • Park in a secure place


Of course, not everybody has a garage they can securely park their car in at night and lock it up safely. Many folks have to park their car in the streets.

According to statistics, most car crime is committed on the cars that are parked outside the owner’s house, in the streets.

To improve security in your car parked outside, fit motion detector lightning in your car to repel would-be criminals. Also, make sure your car is parked in an area that is well lit.


  • Don’t put your valuables in sight inside your car


Any tempting objects in view will attract potential thieves towards your car. No thief breaks into the car to steal nothing.

Your gadgets, electronics, clothes or other stuff will only give them more of a reason to break into your car. Make sure your car’s interior is clutter free.

Keep the valuables locked up and out of sight. Also, empty the tissue and glove box to show that there is nothing to hide.


  • Take care of your keys!


In most incidences, stolen cars have the car keys left inside them. Advances in vehicle security have had the thieves work harder to snatch something from your possession.

You leaving your car keys insight will make things a little too easy for them. The first step for them is to get their hands on your car keys, so don’t let them.

Make sure you don’t leave your keys inside your car, and place them somewhere they are not easy to retrieve.


  • Get an alarm fitted into your car


Even if you don’t have a factory fitted alarm in your car, you will be able to save your car by getting a car alarm fitted.

There is a vast variety of alarms available in the market, which can detect anything ranging from your bonnet being opened to your window being broken.

The functions vary so make you get one that is approved and also gets you a discount.


  • Do not put essential documents in your car, then leave them there


Do not let your thieves get their hands on your documents that reveal your personal information.

Documents such as bank statements, driver’s license, or vehicle’s ownership can prove to be very harmful if the thief gets a hold of them. They will make it easier for the burglar to dispose of the vehicle.


  • Use wheel locks


You must have seen many cars propped up on bricks. Wheels are very easy prey for burglars, and it doesn’t even require much skill to steal them, especially if you possess a set of alloys.

If you buy and fit locking wheel nuts, they will easily deter the thief from your car. They are cheap and relatively easy to fit.


  • Use a steering wheel lock


An experienced car thief will know how to remove a steering wheel, and thus some people question the level of security a steering wheel lock has to offer. However, the truth is that the only person it cannot deter is someone skilled and highly determined to steal your car. They are a cheap deterrent for potential burglars.


  • Fit your car with an immobilizer


The immobilizer is an electronic device that works in some ways by preventing the starter motor, ignition or the fuel pump from working, by anyone who does not possess the paired immobilization tag. This is the most cost-effective way to secure your car and is relatively simple.


  • Etching the windows


Getting your car etched in various places is sure going toward the thief off. It is a tried and tested method to frustrate the people who are onto your car.

When you have the last seven digits of your vehicle registration number on etched onto your headlights, mirrors, or windows, anyone who wants to steal your car and change its identity will have a hard time doing it.

They would prefer to steal any other car but yours, for that matter.


  • Use a car tracking system


A car tracking system keeps track of your car 24/7. It is hidden in your vehicle, and cannot be spotted by the car thief. As soon as you notice your cargo missing, you can use it to locate your car, and retrieve it quickly.

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Top 10 Tips for Growing Your Car Security