Does The McLaren 765LT Stand A Chance Against The Ferrari SF90 Stradale?

It is impossible to find supercars that are faster than the Ferrari SF90 Stradale or McLaren765LT. This video clearly shows the performance difference between these two cars.

Daniel Abt, a professional racing driver, walked to a runway in a black 765LT Stradale and a red SF90 Stradale. He arranged three races for the two of them.

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On paper, it shouldn’t really be much of a competition. A 4.0-liter turbocharged V8 powers the Ferrari SF90 Stradale. Three electric motors provide a total of 986 hp. By comparison, the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 of the McLaren 765LT delivers ‘only’ 755 hp, although dyno tests suggest that figure is very conservative. Ferrari has all-wheel drive, while McLaren’s torque is sent to the rear.

Abt drove the Ferrari in the first race but it was not launched. McLaren was able to win comfortably. It hit 62 mph at 100 km/h in 3.56 seconds. The McLaren also finished the quarter-mile in 10.63 second, compared to the SF90 Stradale’s 4.0-second 0-62 mph speed and 10.83 second quarter-mile.

In the second race, everything went according to plan. Abt was able to launch the Ferrari with ease and outran the McLaren in the second race. It took Abt just 2.8 seconds for the Ferrari to reach 62 mph, and he ran the quarter-mile in 9.67 seconds. While the results of the third race were very similar to the first, the Ferrari was faster. The Ferrari reached 62 mph at 2.48 seconds.


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Author: Brandon Park