Driving Test Preparation Advice

Are you taking your driver’s license test soon? Are you starting to feel nervous and want to do as much preparation as possible before the big day?

This kind of anxiety is normal when it comes to new drivers. It’s always a stressful thing to have someone judge your driving skills.

That’s why it’s important to do as much driving test preparation beforehand. This way, when you get in the car, you’ll feel far more comfortable. Listed down below are some of the most helpful tips we’ve collected to ensure you get a passing grade!

Get Acquainted With the Testing Area

When it comes to driving test stress, there’s nothing quite as unnerving as not knowing the testing area at all. While you’ll often run into new towns as a veteran driver, it’s not the best way to show off your driving skills during a test. 

Whenever you go out to practice, make sure you take the time to get used to the area that you’ll drive through during the test. It’s important to get as much experience in all kinds of places as possible, but put an extra bit of focus on the testing area. 

When your instructor tells you to turn right, you’ll know exactly where to go!

Always Look for Pedestrians and Bikers

One of the biggest ways to fail on a driving test is to not give pedestrians and bikers enough space on the road. If you miss allowing a pedestrian time to cross the street, it’s an automatic fail. 

This means you’ll need to train yourself to always look anywhere and everywhere at all times. This is not only a good practice to pass your test, but also good for once you have your license in hand. 

Keep an Eye on Your Mirrors

The mirrors in your car give you plenty of visual cues you’d otherwise miss. The person testing you will watch to make certain you’re looking at your mirrors regularly. 

Sometimes it helps to exaggerate your motions when looking at your mirrors. This makes it clear that you are looking at your mirrors and the tester will have no trouble recognizing this fact. 

Never Fail to Signal

Signaling is the best way to keep yourself and other drivers safe on the road. That’s why testers will always fail a driver if they don’t use their signals in the right way. 

Make sure you put a lot of practice into signaling every time you turn so that it becomes second nature instead of something that you need to think about every time you drive. 

Keep Both Hands on the Wheel

It might feel less natural for some drivers but keeping both of your hands on the steering wheel at all times is the proper way to take your test. Don’t allow yourself to get into that habit of putting your hands in other places or else you’ll be tempted to do so during the test. 

The tester wants to see that you’re doing everything you can to stay safe. By having both hands on your steering wheel, you’ll have more time to react to sudden changes around you. 

Stay Within Speed Limit

Nothing sets off warning signs to a driving test instructor than a driver who doesn’t maintain the speed limit. Going too fast is a red flag, but going too slow is also a dangerous habit. 

Practice staying within 5 miles of the speed limit. This ensures you’re following the rules of the road and that you’re not going to cause other drivers to react badly to your speeding or slow maneuvers. 

Tighten Your Turns

When you’re feeling nervous, it’s natural to overcompensate to try and avoid making mistakes. The problem is that this often leads to different mistakes that you’d normally never do. 

Turning around a corner in too wide of an arc is a common mistake learning drivers make when taking their tests. This is not only dangerous but also a big mistake in the tester’s eyes. 

You need to feel confident when you’re turning around a corner so that it doesn’t endanger anyone on the road. Don’t forget to signal before you make that turn!

Practice All the Time

All of the road test advice in the world won’t do you any good if you don’t put any of that advice into practice. Reading about the rules and regulations doesn’t give you the same experience as going out for a drive. 

The more you practice, the better driver you’ll become. It’s often difficult to find time to practice when you need to wrangle in a licensed driver to sit with you, but get in as much practice as you can. It’s the only way to develop the right instincts. 

Don’t forget to take a practice Driving Test before the final test. This could be a big help in diminishing your nerves and giving you a taste of what to expect on the big day. 

Take a Deep Breath

Sometimes the biggest detriment to your test going well is your own nervousness. You’ll sabotage your efforts by telling yourself that you’re not ready or that you’re not good enough to complete the test. 

All of these kinds of thoughts are enough to make even the most practiced driver feel bad during a test.

Whenever you start feeling overwhelmed, take a deep breath and recall all of your practice hours. You can do this!

Proper Driving Test Preparation Leads to Quicker Success

By putting all your focus on your driving test preparation, you’ll have no trouble getting your license. As you continue to practice your skills before the big day, make sure to read through this list multiple times. 

It’ll help engrain these important driving test tips into your general driving knowledge, ensuring they’ll be there to help during your test!

Another great way to prepare is by understanding all you can about cars. Luckily, the rest of our blog is full of all the information you could ever need to reach your driving goals. Make sure to browse around!

Author: Brandon Park