Essential Car Maintenance Tips To Avoid Accidents

Here are essential car maintenance tips to avoid accidents when driving:

Read the manual: This booklet comes with the car and is an important guide to know what is the recommended products and how often should some service be provided to the car. Take the time to read it and familiarize yourself with the operation of your car, its performance, and the maintenance it requires. In this manual, you will learn many things.

Oils and lubricants: According to Car Expert Group, It is important that you know what type of lubricants to use and that you propose to constantly check it since if it is not maintained at the recommended levels it can cause overheating and other considerable failures. The same should be done with the oil: check the type to be used and how often it should be changed how long it should be changed. Maintaining the level is essential because a lack of oil can cause irreversible damage to the engine. When you do the oil change, also change the filters. To be sure of everything related to the fluids in your car is proper.

Check the brake oil: Brakes are one of the most crucial parts for the safety of your car. They are the only element that allows the car to be stopped safely. Check if the brake oil level is adequate. Otherwise, you should check them shortly or take it to a mechanic.

Engine belts and pipes: It is important to check their condition because if they are in poor condition there may be leaks or, in the worst case, they can break, which could melt the engine. Also, if a belt breaks you can crash or can cause some serious accidents. The manuals also indicate how often the belts should be changed.

Check the steering: The steering of your car must work perfectly to avoid accidents. To check it, you must be able to turn the steering wheel completely without obstructions or jumps. Another important element of the steering is how we hold the steering wheel: at 9 and 3 and keeping one hand on the wheel at all times. This position will allow us to have greater control of the steering wheel and the car.

Clean the windscreen: One of the most common reasons for accidents is a lack of visibility. The first step is to keep the car windows clean and keep clear visibility of the rear. As for the side and rearview mirrors, you should place them in such a way that you can see clearly to the rear and the sides. Even so, you will always have some blind spots that you must take care of.

Another important element to improve visibility inside your car is your posture: your back should be straight and at a good height, seeing a large part of the hood of the car, and that you can reach the steering wheel with both arms.

The battery: The batteries usually have a lifespan that ranges between two to three years. You mustn’t overload it with excess power requirements such as stereos or horns. Be careful not to leave the interior lights on and avoid using the stereo or air conditioning when you are parked. It’s also depending on the type of battery you have purchased. To do this, read the instructions when you buy it.

The lights: you must check their operation constantly, the parking lights, the front lights, and the reverse lights. When driving at night, a damaged light can confuse another driver, who could mistake your car for a motorcycle or, if you are stopped and your brake lights fail, which could lead to an accident. 

Tires: They are a fundamental part of your car. You must maintain the pressure recommended by the manufacturer, check them at least once a week to ensure that they are not damaged, and schedule their alignment on time. If you live in a place where the streets are not in good condition or if you travel long distances, it is advisable to do it every 10,000 km. The same happens with the suspension system.

These details are important because, for example, if a tire has more pressure than it requires, it could explode while you are riding and that could cause you to lose control. Prevention is the first step to avoid having something to regret. It begins by periodically reviewing the key parts of your car and you must make these checks very seriously. Many of the accidents can be avoided if we just follow these tips to make our driving safer. 

Driving carefully and respecting traffic rules are necessary but not sufficient to prevent car accidents. To be safe on the road it is also essential to pay timely attention to the care and maintenance of your car.

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Essential Car Maintenance Tips To Avoid Accidents