6 Ways to Use Social Media Video to Sell Your Used Car

Are you planning to sell your car? Do you want to get a good price?

If you’re selling a used car, one of the best places to promote it is on social media. On Facebook alone, there are over 2 billion users and on all social media together there are several more billions. If you create the right video and follow the right strategy, you can reach many more people over a larger radius and generate better bids. 

So, to help you get the best deal, I have shared the different ways you can use social media to sell your car…

Create several versions of your sales video:

The sales video where you demonstrate the different features of your car and share other details such as age, mileage, etc. is an important piece of the strategy. But you shouldn’t just create one video. You need to create several of them. 

As different videos work on different social media. These include formats, lengths, styles, etc. On some networks like Instagram, you can actually publish videos of different formats. So, instead of creating one video and sharing it on all social media, create several versions. 

If creating several videos sounds tedious, at least create 1 to 3 of them and edit the videos for different social media. Make sure you read about each network’s best practices before doing this. 

Share the video on all your social media:

Next, share the video on all your social media organically. If you need more social media contacts, you can use a website like www.chattoday.com. This will drive some view and can lead to calls. So, make sure you include your contact details. You can add it as overlay text on the video. You can also add them to the description. Make sure you spend a good amount of time writing the descriptions. Include details about the car, hashtags, and contact details like your phone number and email address. If you are using Facebook, you can also share your messenger URL. 

Create a video ad with contact details:

The organic post will get you some calls, but if you want several more, I recommend that you boost the post to drive more views. You can do this to the same video you used for organic posting. Just make sure the contact details are on the video as you need to get back as many calls as you can. 

Work with influencers:

Another tactic you can use to drive sales is influencer marketing. There are several top social media influencers with hundreds and thousands of followers. They are always on the lookout for engaging content to post. 

So, use a good influencer marketing software to find influencers and ask them to share your video. Many will do it for free while some will ask for a payment. Whether you choose to pay or not is up to you. If your car isn’t very expensive, free shoutouts from influencers will help. But if you are selling something more expensive you might need to go the paid route to reach more people. 

Create a landing page and drive traffic to it:

Another tactic for generating sales is to not just rely on native video but to use the native video to drive traffic to a webpage/landing page where they can watch more videos about your car and read about it. They can also learn about you and why you’re selling the car. These extra details can play a key role in driving more sales. So, consider using a landing page if you want to drive more traffic. 

Do a live webcast:

Another great method for generating sales is a live social media webcast. Most social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram reward live video. So, you will generate far more views with live video than with a recorded version. Also, people like watching live video. They can have the same effect as webinars and can generate more sales. 

So, if you’re comfortable with video, you should do a live webcast. It will help you a lot. 


These are the 6 ways you can use social media to sell your car. They are time-consuming, but they will ensure you get the best deal.

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6 Ways to Use Social Media Video to Sell Your Used Car