Event Management with Stanchions & Barricades

Vancouver is a lovely city with many things to see and do no matter which season you decide to travel. Vancouver has many parks around the city that are perfect for outdoor gatherings, picnics, and recreation activities. Depending on how you use the public venues, you may be needing a permit or book the park ahead of time for your activity. Whether you have a small BBQ gathering with friends, simple gatherings, or large concerts in general, having stanchions in Vancouver comes in handy. Buy stanchions in Vancouver at Alpha Crowd Control.

Why do you need a crowd control system?

Keep in mind that the ability to manage the crowd effectively determines your event’s success. In fact, during the planning phase, it is vital to include ways to regulate the public and ensure the event’s logistics so you and your team will have the peace of mind.

Currently, stanchions are tools used by event organizers to regulate crowd activities during significant events and ultimately control traffic flow, leading to pushing to the front of the makeshift queues and overcrowding if left unchecked. If surging and congestion occur, public safety is at risk.

How do you control a crowd in an event?

Event security becomes such an important issue these days because activity organizers don’t want anyone to get hurt. This goes to show that event security is a serious issue. It doesn’t matter what type of event you are hosting, whether it’s a small activity to an event with many attendees; the security has to be strong.

If you need an orderly approach for your events, it is advisable to use an ideal fencing structure like stanchions in Vancouver to keep everyone happy and safe. 

Here are some crowd management tips to consider when planning your next event:

What are crowd management and control techniques?

As mentioned earlier, many people need to be managed during an event to prevent potential problems or hazards, while the program is in progress. 

In a city like Vancouver, you are likely to see many events every now and then, you need the right set of tools. A risk-free event in general needs crowd control strategy in place, making stanchions Vancouver a must-have. The good news is, buying stanchions in Vancouver is now easier than before as you can buy them online.

What are the types of crowd control barriers and barricades?

First things first: you need to know the type of concert or activity, and the number of attendees. These are essential in determining your crowd management needs. Be it indoor or outdoor; any event or activity needs barriers and barricades to separate people from the venue’s specific areas and delimit no access zones.

Another thing to remember, different types of crowd control barriers have widespread uses. So taking time to study regarding which barrier is ideal in controlling your audience at your event is highly recommended.

Overall, high capacity events are likely to need certain types of barricades or stanchions, here are some of them to name a few: 

  • Type III Road Closure Barricade is a type of crowd control barrier used to control traffic for any event that needs closing public areas. They can also block off road access and reroute vehicles on highways and public roads during repairs and construction work.
  • Stage barriers are a solid barricade system found between the stage and the pit area or the crowd’s front row. They are made from aluminum and steel, so they’re very lightweight. This crowd control system is usually the go-to barrier between performing artists and audiences because it offers security and provides a delightful show.
  • Bike rack barriers are the best and easy to use crowd management solution tool that marks boundaries and forms queues. Its disassembly ability makes it easy to set up in the venue and taken down after the event. It is made from galvanized steel tubing so durability is not a problem. The cool thing is, this type of crowd control barrier can be interlocked together facilitating an easy installation.
  • Type II traffic barriers are used to close off the roads, and they are commonly used during marathon competitions to guide the runners. This traffic control device is built to last and designed to meet your specific people controlling needs. 
  • Stanchions are also famous in Canada. They are another type of barrier proved to help manage crowds for any event by creating a clear line for the audience. They’re 100% reliable when directing a small or large crowd, controlling people from entering restricted or closed areas, providing necessary information, and escalating safety.

Determine the area that needs barricades

The versatility of stanchions in Vancouver to control the crowd allowed event organizers to use them all year long. Before you come up with your decision, first, you need to decide where to put the event pieces of equipment in the venue. 

This means you need to figure out where you place your stanchions in Vancouver to protect and keep people away. Frenzied fans or audience can become uncontrollable, so it is better to add barricades to prevent them from tampering the equipment, and ultimately, keeping minimal distraction while the party is going on.

On other hand, your guests should also know where to go and how to get to the venue, so clearly marking their journey by giving them their information they need is absolutely important.

Plan your emergency exits.

Exits are also crucial in planning to manage the crowd during your event. The number of exits depends on the turnouts and space. Aside from the exits, it would be best to consider the emergency vehicle entrances as a part of your crowd management plan.

Of course, there are things that we cannot control, and unpredictability is very common for any event. Make sure you have a crowd management strategy in place (e.g. stanchions Vancouver) to prepare for any unnecessary safety issues. If this step is done right, you will be sure that your next hosting event or gathering will run as smoothly as possible. 

In a nutshell stanchions by no means are the only crowd control out there that meet your pedestrian counting, crowd control and directional control needs. To recap, Vancouver’s stanchions are very easy to transport, set up, and take down, making them a wise investment decision, especially if you use them more often.

If you are looking for a useful and effective crowd management tool that will surely work for you, we recommend checking this website. Alpha Crowd Control is your one-stop source for all you crowd control needs, you’re sure to find what you need!

Author: Brandon Park