How Infrared Paint Curing Speeds up the Repair Process

What Is Infrared Technology?

Before we begin to explore the benefits of infrared paint curing and how it is applied within the automotive industry, it helps to be able to understand the technology itself. Infrared is a type of electromagnetic radiation that many of us will encounter in everyday life. However, infrared waves are invisible to the human eye.

Infrared is one of the most powerful and efficient forms of transferring heat. The electromagnetic waves can penetrate the surface and therefore heat from inside out. It is extremely effective at delivering precise results. Due to the many benefits associated with it, infrared technology is increasingly becoming an appealing solution for businesses within a wide variety of industries.

Speed Is an Important Factor for Paint Curing

Paint curing is one of the most essential components of repairing an automotive vehicle. Due to the advantages that infrared provides as a heat source, infrared paint curing lamps are useful products for speeding up the process. This type of lamp is suitable for all SMART and professional repairs and will deliver industry leading results.

So how can an infrared lamp speed up the repair process? Infrared is an extremely powerful heat source that will cure paint faster than any other method. Conventional air-drying methods, for example, may take hours while an infrared lamp can finish the same job in just minutes. No direct contact with the vehicle is required from your part. Infrared lamps are not only powerful but also offer excellent coverage. You simply just need to re-position the lamp a few times before all areas of the vehicle are dry to a high standard.

Why Automotive Businesses Should Consider Infrared

As we mentioned above, one of the main benefits for an automotive business to use infrared technology when carrying out repairs is due to speed. It can take just minutes to finish the job. As a result, your customers will have their vehicles back in top condition sooner than even they expect. Speed, however, is just one of several reasons to consider an infrared lamp over air drying.

Infrared lamps are built with efficiency in mind. Not only is curing quicker, but while the process is taking place you can focus your attention on a separate task. By opting for an infrared lamp, you will without a doubt increase the productivity of your business. Not to mention that you can control the temperature that’s emitted and with excellent drying coverage, you’re able to reach difficult areas and vehicles of all sizes.

These types of lamps are flexible for all paint jobs and by achieving accurate results, won’t allow hindrances like humidity, poor air movement and boundary layers to get in the way. The need for air flow is eliminated which significantly reduces the risk of airborne particles ruining the finish. Do you care about the environment and saving money? You’ll be happy to know that infrared lamps can achieve this due to their low power usage. All in all, you’ll be increasing productivity, reducing operational costs and maximising the work output of your business.

This guest column has been provided by Infratech Automotive Solutions.

Author: elli schmitt