Transportation Management Software

Catering to small to mid-size trucking companies, our Transportation Management Software services include custom reporting for order imports, invoicing, equipment, and vehicle maintenance.  Exspeedite for trucking helps you streamline success, allows you to be completely mobile, provides you with the utmost level of security and maintenance of data integrity.   You will rave about our services, brag to your network about our fully-integrated features, appreciate how easy our Transportation Management Software is to use, and be pleased with our exceptional support staff.

Many of our clients are looking for and benefitting from the Exspeedite Transportation Management Software through the on Demand Software as a Service(SaaS) model. The service is available over the internet and no additional installations are required. Using this service reduces the amount of IT staffing, hardware, and ongoing maintenance. Allow your business to concentrate on business and leave the technology hosting, hardware, software, and networking issues to us. There are no upfront fees as we offer a monthly service, and there is no software installed on users’ computers. Rest assured your data is secure from viruses, computer crashes, spyware attacks, and protects you from other major security risks.

Why Exspeedite is the best Transportation Management System for your business

With the enormity of the industry, numerous transportation management systems are currently available. They all claim to streamline your business operations. However, amid all these TMS software solutions, there is an outstanding TMS solution for your business. This is known as the Exspeedite trucking software. This is the best alternative to the Transportation Management System. This software system is readily available for all sizes of the trucking logistics business.

The software is created and developed with every aspect of the business of the user put into consideration. The IFTA reporting module enhances your truck logistics business. It provides schematic diagrams that can be helpful and practical in improving your business operation. For example, you could see some data regarding fuel as well as mileage per state displayed on visible graphs. With this information, you can certainly analyze your business to weed out inefficient systems.

As an added function, the Exspeedite transportation management tool furthermore serves to organize your finances by keeping you updated with vital information on the daily fluctuations of global currencies. This will improve your financial decisions as well as trucking foreign currency invoices.

Allow us to share a few snippets about our awesome module integration!!

  • Zoning Module – Look up mileage quickly for point-to-point locations, plus create custom filters of your own that are displayed when filtering shipments.
  • Vacation Module – Add vacation time for your drivers with a convenient way to track time used and view time remaining.
  • Trailer Module – Enter in all your specifics and add as many attachments as you’d like! You can view the history of where your trailer has been during any certain load or shipment.
  • Tractor Module – Add attachments, connect your fuel cards, and even check your fuel log.
  • Tanker Module – Add all your tanker profiles and specifics to your customized profile.
  • Shipment Module – Build shipments with lightning speed and efficiency with auto saving techniques.
  • Reporting Module – Decide which departments access which reports, and set filters based on your specifications.  
  • Pallet Tracking Module – With Exspeedite, you can automatically track your pallet account   and adjust information accordingly. 

Need more out of your Transportation Management Software?  We’ve got that, too!

IFTA Fuel Tax Software, Dump Truck Software, Invoice and Accounting, Dispatch, EDI Capabilities, Repair & Maintenance Reporting, Inspection Feature, and Multi-Currency.

Hey – my writer is great, but she doesn’t know everything about us!  She is part-time, after all. So, if you need something that isn’t here, give us a shout and we’ll tell you all about how we have a Transportation Management Software solution for what you need!

Author: Brandon Park