Tips On How To Prepare For An Epic Road Trip

Have you forgotten to enjoy the little things that “means life”? Have you become slaves of your profession and the pursuit of money? When was the last time you afforded yourself an adventurous car trip?

If you have found yourself in these questions, it may be the time to think about a spontaneous and longer journey. You can travel somewhere on your own, or you can go with someone. Whatever you prefer, make sure that such a journey is a pleasure that you will not forget quickly. Furthermore, ensure that you arrive safely and avoid car accidents and collisions.

Have We Forgotten About The Pleasure In Life?

In the era of modern technology, we have begun to forget to enjoy our own lives. Today’s pace, lifestyle and work have proven effective in many areas. However, it seems as if we have forgotten to look forward and deal with some of the “little things” that also make life so great.

Unfortunately, today it is very rare for anyone to send letters or greeting cards. Basically, it all comes down to emails or text messages over the phone.

We are lost in the system because in the present day only the speed is important – both in business and in life. So, today we travel quickly as well – in haste, forgetting about enjoyment and relaxation.

Speed Is Not A Condition For A Quality Life

To simplify how life works today, we began to push ourselves into work and daily responsibilities. The goal is to get things done as quickly as possible because financial construction has become a major factor in influencing our lives.

Because we are constantly under pressure, we forget about our own needs and enjoyment of life. We have to bear in mind that we have only one life, and that in addition to work, time should be taken for rest and enjoyment.

Are You Thinking To Change Something In Your Life?

We’re all longing for rest and always complaining that we do not have enough time for ourselves. We always miss that “one day” for relaxation or just “doing nothing”. These are mostly excuses because there is always something else or someone more important to us than ourselves.

When it comes time to plan a vacation, we mostly use the services of travel agencies and get involved in arrangements that have fixed dates for departure and arrival. Have you at least once (and we believe you have) considered thinking about giving yourself the will and decide to change something?

Have you at least once wished to jump out of a pattern and give yourself some freedom? Did you want to sit in your car that you mostly use when going to work and instead embark on an adventure called travel?

You’re Ready For The Adventure

We finally come to the point of the story. Get the most out of your vacation and your car!

You have decided to change the concept: house-job, job-house. You decided to relax and rest as much as possible.

You want to give yourself a break and embark on the adventure of a lifetime – an epic road trip. However, this kind of adventure requires the necessary preparation.

Using CBD Oil While Traveling By Car?

You are slowly overwhelmed by the euphoria because you do not often decide to embark on such a long journey. You’ve packed the most basic things for the trip. There are wardrobes, hygiene accessories, a variety of snacks and drinks to help you. A huge journey is ahead of you. You’re so excited, you almost feel stressful.

Maybe you wonder if you should use the CBD oil for relaxing? It’s OK, but you should keep some things in mind. CBD oil is widely used, a non-psychoactive substance that can make your journey stress-free, pain-free, and relaxed. You will not feel the strain while driving because your body will be rested. If you do not know which oil is best in terms of quality and reliability of manufacturers – Gift Wits has reliable information on everything that may interest you.

Here you can find everything from content, through effects to proper application. However, it is recommended that you never use it while driving or just before driving.

The Effect Of CBD Oil While Driving

Although it has no psychoactive effect, CBD oil affects stress relief and general relaxation as well as better sleep. Therefore, there is always the possibility of falling asleep at the wheel, which would put you in a very risky situation.

According to DailyCBDMag, CBD oil has an effect that lasts from 2 to 6 hours. However, we must point out that this is individual and depends on how long you have been using CBD oil. So, relax and rest, but the day before you embark on the car journey.

Prepare Your Car Well – You’ll Need It

Since your 4-wheeler has mostly driven from the pump to work – it’s time to visit a repair shop, which are having their own problems, according to Reuters. Each car, depending on the age, should be properly taken care of and control its condition. You certainly do not want to have a problem or annoyance in the middle of an adventure. Preparing a car for the road is not just about the fuel. You must thoroughly inspect your vehicle, item by item. By going to a mechanic – you will insist that the car be thoroughly controlled.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Check the Level Of Engine Oil

According to Business Insider, Engine oil is extremely important for the operation of the car engine, because it cleans, cools and lubricates the engine components. Therefore, its level should be checked regularly. Even if everything is OK, always have a spare bottle of oil in your trunk.

2. Check The Gearbox Oil

This is a special oil which has the role of cooling, lubricating and cleaning the interior of the gearbox. This oil is specially made for this purpose and it is important to pour the oil provided for your gearbox and car model.

3. Filter Replacement

Check for filters if they need to be replaced as you expect a long road trip. Driver negligence can lead to reduced engine performance or complete engine failure due to faulty or worn filters. There are several types of car filters. The most important are the fuel filter, oil filter, air filter and the interior cabin filter.

4. Check The Condition Of Your Car Battery

See if the car battery has a good power supply, whether it provides enough power so that you do not find yourself in a situation where your car will not start when it needs to. And if you want to read more on this topic and what’s happening in Europe, check out The New York Times article.

5. Brake Fluid And Brake Pads

These items are very important when driving a car because they give safety when braking. You have to be careful because old brake fluid can cause the brakes to fail while driving.

6. Tires

Check all four tires for their condition. Check whether your tire pattern is good, whether your tires are winter or regular, depending on the time of your travel.

7. Electro-Installations On The Car

Most newer cars have plenty of electronics and need to check the electrical wiring of the car in detail. Each workshop has an onboard computer that checks the complete electrical installation in the cars.

8. Car Cooler

Depending on the time of year when travelling, you need to control if you have enough liquid in the car cooler. If it is winter, be sure to use antifreeze. Make sure you always have one spare bottle in your trunk just in case.

9. Accessories

Accessories should not be neglected, as they are very important. Accessories include first aid kit, spare wheel, small fire extinguisher, fluorescent vest, triangle, key and crane (in case you have a tire problem), as well as a spare set of headlight bulbs, flashers, etc. Whether you are travelling the country or abroad, all this will be necessary for you. If you happen to be stopped by police and you do not have accessories – the penalties can be extremely high.

Your car is finally ready for a long road trip.


The fact is that everything from procurement, through packaging to car mechanics – takes a lot of effort, time and money. However, it is better than having unforeseen circumstances spoil your dream vacation.

We are sure you will not allow such a thing. Now, everything is ready for you to start the engine. It’s time to finally understand the meaning of this journey. Charge your batteries along the way and have a good time. This trip can also be a good inspiration for the next one – which you will probably need.

Author: Brandon Park