Factors to Consider When Choosing Headlights for Your Vehicle

Imagine yourself in a room at night with no lights at all; the truth is, as much as you might struggle to open your eyes, there is nothing you could see. In the same vein, car headlights act as the eyes of the car especially during the foggy times and at night. Lack of them thereof is a recipe for danger. Also, you might fall in the hands of traffic police when they find out your headlights are not functional as it means you are putting your life as well as the lives of other people on the road in danger. It is therefore essential to ensure that your headlights are in good shape as it is an integral part of car maintenance.

Headlights tend to reduce their output after some time hence the need to always keep them in check. You might notice that one of the headlights is slowly fading away or is completely off; this means that the other ones are down to the same path. A pro tip is to replace the headlights at the same time. You do not want to be in and out of the garage in the name of headlights all the time. Do you need new headlights for your vehicle? You are in the right place, you can now buy headlights on boodmo.com and get them delivered right at your door step.

Below are some of the factors to consider when choosing the headlights;

  1.    Check the Car Manual

On the purchase of your car, it comes with a manual, a guide to help you understand your car better. Of course, inside the manual there is a section that focuses on the various car lights; you want to focus on that part. If it is your first time replacing your headlights, it is advisable to go through the manual to have an idea of the exact type of headlights to buy from boodmo. You do not want to spend your money buying the headlights only to find out they do not fit well.

  1.    Brightness

As much as it is advised to stick to the manufacturer’s power rating when buying a new headlight, some opt for increased brightness when replacing them. Increased brightness heightens the visibility which is a plus to many. However, if you want to upgrade, the circuit needs to be adjusted so as not to cause any short circuits at any point. However, it is vital to note that the lifespan of a brighter headlight is a bit shorter as it burns at a higher temperature to reflect the intense light.

  1.    Type of Headlights

Today, with the tremendous advancements in technology, there are many headlights in the market. While driving, you might have noticed that there are different colors of headlights too. People not only replace the headlights for functionality purposes but also for attractiveness. Therefore, when looking for a headlight, choose one that meets your needs accordingly, do you want an LED headlight? Laser headlights? HID headlights? The choice entirely depends on you.

  1.    Color Temperature/ Whiteness

The color output of the headlights is determined by the temperature at which they burn, and it’s measured in Kelvin (K). The lower the Kelvin rating, the more yellow your headlight will be. As you go higher up the scale, you get more white color output, then the blue and eventually the purple color. The yellow color tint provides great visibility in the rains or during the foggy periods. The white color tint is often associated with luxurious cars; however, you can still install them in your car if wish to. Whatever color temperature you choose, ensure to strike a balance between the lifespan and the brightness.

  1.    Headlight Manufacturers

There being so many headlight manufacturers in the automobile industry today, it is advisable to do proper research before settling on one. You do not want to be shortchanged during your purchase only to find out that you bought a counterfeit. Therefore, ask for referrals and check for the reviews on the various automobile websites that deal with headlights. For headlights, a good brand to look out for would be Oracle Lighting.

  1.    Price

As mentioned earlier, there are many types of headlights based on the color temperature, designs, brightness and so on.  As a result, the prices are bound to differ. Well, depending on how much you intend to spend, choose one that is within your budget.  

Author: Brandon Park