Penfield Auto Repair and Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Car Maintenance

If you’re a car owner, you’d know that the bulk of your responsibility lies in maintaining your vehicle. When you’ve spent thousands of dollars on your car, the last thing that you’d want is for it to go through premature engine problems. When your vehicle is poorly maintained, the cost of fixing it up again will surely burn a hole through your pocket. 

With the busy lifestyles that people live today, it’s often easy to forget car maintenance. This can easily slip off your mind as one of the least important things to do. Stop this practice. Here’s why you shouldn’t ignore your car maintenance:

1. Can Uncover Hidden Damages

Unfortunately, a car may have damages that aren’t physically visible to the driver, nor do these damages noticeably affect the quality of your driving. Without regular maintenance, these can often be very hard to determine. 

For example, when you continuously drive your vehicle with oil that’s drying up, you can damage the engine severely. The price of having your oil changed and checked will still significantly end up cheaper than the cost of having the engine repaired. To learn more about possible hidden damages in your car and other related matters, get a hold of an expert through this website.

2. Keeps You Safe

Whenever you’re on the road, always think: safety comes first. Never take this for granted. Road accidents can sometimes happen not because of human error, but because of mechanical and engine damages that exist and you’re unaware of. Common car problems that can lead to a collision and other road mishaps include:

  • Exhaust build-up
  • Faulty brake system
  • Broken headlights
  • Worn tires
  • Frayed wipers

These above-mentioned problems, however, are supposed to be avoidable while on the road. They can easily be detected by an expert car shop and a mechanic. Hence, if you’re diligent enough with your car maintenance, these accidents don’t even have to happen in the first place.

3. Saves You Money In The Long Run

This reason might be one of the most obvious, but it’s also one of the most misunderstood. People can easily assume that it’s going to be an unnecessary waste of money to have their car serviced and checked even if they feel like they don’t need to. But whether you think you need to or not, it’s still prudent to have it maintained regularly by a qualified repair shop.

Unserviced and under-maintained cars have a shorter life expectancy than other vehicles. And since cars typically depreciate quite fast, this can mean a serious blow on the quality and value of your vehicle. To save you money in the long run, be prudent about its servicing today.

4. Keeps The Vehicle’s Quality

You can’t expect a car to maintain its quality when you haven’t even done anything along that line to make it better. The best way to preserve the quality of a vehicle is always to have it regularly serviced. When you first bought the car, perhaps one of the most significant deciding factors in your mind was that you loved the performance features it had promised. 

These might be some of the common expectations that you have upon buying a car:

  • Excellent navigation system
  • Great features
  • Economic fuel consumption
  • Strong horsepower and torque

Without regular maintenance, these features can wear out and your car won’t function as well as it used to. 

5. Professional Mechanics Perform Expert Servicing 

Most car drivers now can do basic car servicing and maintenance solutions. But keep in mind that you’re not an expert. With something as expensive as a car, it’s still important to leave it to the experts. You may be checking your vehicle yourself regularly, but without the right expertise, you may have been missing out on what would’ve otherwise been some important details.

Cars nowadays are getting even more complicated, specialized, and technical. The right tools and equipment are also necessary to have the best servicing results. Hence, it would be a wise move to entrust vehicle maintenance to the proper mechanics.

6. Keeps Your Insurance Policy Intact

Did you know that your insurance policy is also highly dependent on the quality of your car? If you had previously rolled out an excellent insurance premium for the superb condition of your vehicle, this might not be the case anymore if the quality becomes terrible. Try to recheck the terms and conditions of the insurance policy. There might be a caveat that states your insurance will be invalid if the car isn’t maintained.

Car insurance companies can sometimes do their check as well, especially if you have to renew it the following year. Although another added expense, it’s still worth having a car insurance policy than none at all.


When was the last time that you had your car checked or service? If that was still from at least six months ago, now’s the time for you to give it an overall check. Having your car serviced and well maintained can mean costs, but this can end up cheaper than any potential damage that may happen if neglected. Even if all service lights aren’t on, have your car checked regularly. This is an integral part of car ownership. 

Author: Brandon Park