Facts on junk car removal

Having a junk car at the back of your house will do nothing but negatively impact the aesthetic appeal of your premise. Junk vehicles can be a serious cause of concern and burden. They just occupy unnecessary space.

The best thing to do in this regard is to contact a junk car removal company and get it recycled. There are many scrapping services that can do this at a nominal cost. However, before getting the same done, it is important that you familiarize yourself with some of the facts.

  1. High volumes of recycling

A huge amount of vehicles are wrecked at an annual basis. Millions of tons, to be precise, over 40 million tons of recycled material is procured as a result of car recycling. The same material is then used for various reasons. A lot of industries demand car junk for a multitude of purposes. This means that this is a big lucrative industry.

  • It is an old industry

A lot of people have a misconception that junk car removal is a recent thing. This is not true. The industry has been here for a long time now. It is at least 75 years old. This essentially means that the first car that was recycled was some time around the year of 1943.

  • Reduce burden on natural resources

Car junk removal significantly helps in reducing the burden on natural resources. Normally, there is a considerable need of mining the natural resources. This is especially required when producing steel. However, the car junk removal industry helps in easing such burden. The natural resources are not consumed since a lot of steel is recycled on an annual basis. In fact, statistics show that an approximate of 90 million barrels of oil is save every year due to this industry.

  • The entire car cannot be recycled

Although the industry allows you to recycle cars in an effective manner, it is pertinent to note that the entire car is not recycled. Only an approximate of 80% of the car is recycled. The remaining 20% is the residue which has no usage. The portion which cannot be recycled is usually plastic, rubber, paper and wood. These materials are thereafter disposed of in different landfills.

  • Used to create different items

We all know that the recycled scrap is use to create different items. However, we do not know exactly such items are being used. For instance, the tyres of cars are recycled and the same is used in production of shoes and carpets. Similarly, the steel itself is also used in production of other cars. Depending on the material, the same is used for various purposes.

The bottom line

Above are some of the major facts to know about junk car removal. However, once you hire the right service, you will get to more about the industry. Knowing the same is helpful since it considerably helps in making the right decisions as to the junk removal service.

Author: Mike