Get Hit and Run Justice

Anyone who has been injured in a hit and run accident can receive compensation for their trauma. But first it’s important to know just what a hit and run incident is, as defined by law at this website.

First of all, the law defines a hit and run situation as one where a driver has collided with another vehicle, including a bicycle, or has hit a pedestrian. The driver then leaves the scene of the accident without stopping to identify himself or herself. This is the most commonly known type of hit and run accident.

But there is a second kind of hit and run. That is when a part of a vehicle detaches and strikes another vehicle or person. The driver does not know what has happened, and so does not stop.

Under either one of these situations, most people think that there is no way to collect compensation, since the guilty party cannot be identified. But this is absolutely wrong!

To collect compensation from a hit and run accident, a person merely has to contact their own auto insurance agent to file a claim under their uninsured motorist coverage.

All standard auto insurance policies include this coverage automatically. But if your insurance company begins to equivocate about compensation, it’s best to seek the help of a professional hit and run legal attorney to represent you.

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Get Hit and Run Justice