Is Laser Cleaning Right for Your Car?

Laser cleaning is the process of surface ablation using a directed industrial laser beam to remove contaminants and unsightly stains from walls, floors, canisters, and a host of other objects that are too large and bulky to scrub down in a traditional manner. Laser cleaning is especially recommended for removing substances such as lubricating grease, motor and marine oils, oxidation patches, mold, mildew, unwanted patina on copper and bronze, soot, and it can even be used to gently erase small, shallow scratches on metal and porcelain. The great thing about laser cleaning, as opposed to sand blasting an object, is that it leave virtually no marks or residue behind. Visit this page to learn more about when to use laser cleaning.

Jewelers have also begun using industrial lasers to clean antique jewelry and gemstones — this prevents any loss of tiny chips of gemstone that are often found in older pieces of jewelry, and that often are washed away during the traditional liquid cleaning process.

Laser cleaning does not leave behind any messy or toxic debris or dust. It completely erases the contaminant, leaving behind nothing at all — not even an odor. It can be done much more quickly than regular cleaning routines, and the cost, depending on the area covered and the depth of dirt to be removed, is comparable to that of regular cleaning methods.


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Is Laser Cleaning Right for Your Car?