Getting Hurt In An Accident: What You Need To Do

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Getting hurt is never something that you plan to do but when it is at the fault of another then you deserve to be compensated. This is especially true if you have incurred any medical bills or have lost any time at work. Injuries can last a lifetime and the mental anguish of being involved in a serious accident can linger for years. What you do even in a hectic time like after an accident can determine how you are compensated afterwards. The following are tips that will help you with what you should do immediately after an accident as well as the days after.

Get As Many Pictures As Possible

With all of the technology available today you can get all of the pictures as well as the video of the accident scene regardless of where it is. If you have been rear ended or side swiped then you should also take pictures of the skid marks. These can help prove that the other party was speeding or driving in an erratic manner. If you are unable to get out of the car then have a witness or other person from your car take the pictures. If you feel like you have hurt anything in a serious manner it is important not to move as spinal injuries can worsen with movement.

Wait Until The Next Day To Call Your Insurance Company

There are going to be people that tell you it is imperative to call your insurance company the day of the accident. Let yourself calm down and review the details of the accident before calling your agent. You do not want to be flustered and say something that can imply fault on your side or state that you were distracted in some manner. The insurance company’s job is to protect you but they will not do this if they feel like there is any reasoning at all that you were driving in a distracted manner. Only state the facts from the accident report and do not offer other extraneous details as these could actually harm your case.

Seek Medical Attention For Any Issues

If you are having any issues that you feel are due to the accident it is important to go to the doctor in order to get documentation. There are some injuries that tend to linger for years after an accident so do not try to act tough as the pain might not go away at all. If you do have an injury make sure that you also document the therapy needed as these can be parts of a settlement. Do not lose money on account of another person’s negligence.

Discuss With a Lawyer or Other Legal/Medical Expert

Speaking with a lawyer is extremely important as there are certain time frames that you have to file a claim. The lawyer will be able to handle all the paperwork that tends to get tedious. With prior experience this lawyer will also be able to figure out if you should settle out of court or take it to trial. Trials can include a medical expert witness which can help state that your injury is the direct impact of the accident that was had. This can be enough to convince a judge or jury to reward you quite a bit of money!

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Getting Hurt In An Accident: What You Need To Do