GM Offers To Retrofit Missing Heated Seats In New Cars Once Parts Become Available

General Motors can retrofit ventilating and seat heating functions on vehicles that were built before the peak of the chip shortage. Some features may not be retrofittable.

Automotive News has learned that dealers received a memo saying that they can add ventilation and seat-heating when there are parts available. It could be as early as 2022. This fix is free but it will mean that GM will reduce the price of these vehicles by $50 instead of $500.

Not all features are possible to retrofit. In a memo, the automaker stated that heated steering wheels could not be added later. They will therefore remain at 150 dollars for their discounts.

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GM was forced, like other automakers during the pandemic as well as the shortage of chip supplies, to accept compromises. The pandemic forced GM, along with other automakers, to suspend production for certain models and sell others without certain features such as those mentioned.

It is likely that the timing for the retrofitting campaign depends on the outcome of the semiconductor chip crisis. But it appears to be improving. Many expect that restrictions will continue through 2022. However, many chip suppliers are working to expand production. Some automakers even have new alliances to speed up progress.

However, this supply shortage is predicted to result in a $210 billion cost for the auto industry and an estimated 7.7 million vehicle production deficit by 2021. Both the used and new markets have been hit hard by these shortages.

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Author: Brandon Park