Cadillac Celestiq Flagship EV Set To Be Unveiled In Early 2022, Probably At CES

Cadillac’s flagship electric sedan, the Celestiq, will be unveiled early in 2022. Even though the details of this new sedan are not yet known, it promises to be very luxurious.

According to GM Authority sources, the Celestiq might be revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Running from January 5-8 in Las Vegas, CES has quickly become a favorite among automakers hoping to position themselves as tech-forward “mobility” brands. The upcoming Celestiq is a luxurious, technologically-advanced EV that would be a perfect fit.

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Celestiq will be based on the Ultium Platform and is predicted to demonstrate the full potential the platform has. The Celestiq can carry a vehicle for up to 400miles (644 km) per battery. So far, we’ve also seen a Mercedes-Hyperscreen-like infotainment screen, and a sunroof made of glass that can be made more or less opaque as the mood strikes you.

It will be a flagship vehicle, so it is likely to have a high price. Reports suggest the vehicle could cost as much as $200,000.

The Celestiq was actually developed before the Ultium platform. This is quite surprising. Celestiq is a Cadillac-branded vehicle that has been long considered to demonstrate the brand’s capabilities. It was first designed with an internal combustion engine.

The automaker was always “aiming for the moon” with the Celestiq, though, and had always envisioned it as a “high-technology, high-priced, hand-built” flagship. Production is unlikely to exceed 2,000 units, and it will use only the finest materials.

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Author: Brandon Park