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Insurance is not a luxury; it has become a necessity. Insurance saves you from financial losses in case of any damage done to your property. It also makes up for the loss of your property. Formally but, insurance is a policy in which the property owner receives reimbursement or financial protection against any damage done to the property from the insurance company. 

How does it work?

Common sense asks, how does insurance thing work? Why would the insurance company step up and pay for the losses done to someone else’s property? What benefit does the insurer get?

Insurance is a risk-shifting mechanism. The specialists at the insurance company handle the risk smartly by spreading it over several people and firms. It is more of the pooling of risks and money. The insurance company agrees with several individuals to pay a fixed amount in the name of the premium. The amount is used to cover the financial losses that occur to the few unfortunate ones from the pool. It is quite likely that not all the members of the premium pool will incur losses or require reimbursements at the same time. Keeping this in mind, the insurance firm invests the collected premium money for profits.

A legal contract is signed between the insurer and the insured, which holds all the details of the insurance policy.

Insurance does not only provide financial protection to your property but does a lot more. A lot of mortgage firms wouldn’t pass a loan or finance a residential real estate transaction without proof that your property is insured. Car insurance is mandatory by law, so everyone needs to have one.

Before signing up for an insurance policy for your house or car, it is necessary to understand the nitty-gritty of it. Hence this article.

Homework is helpful:

All the insurance policies provided are customizable to some extent. Still, you should weigh down all the options, narrow down the suitable ones, and then pick the one that seems the best match to your needs. An insurance policy that doesn’t let you overpay, promises to handle all your claims in a professional manner and offers you the best coverage should be a jackpot for you. Survey the market, talk to home and auto insurance brokers, and then go for the best deal.

The issues to consider before buying an insurance policy:

Considering these issues will help you in narrowing down your options. For an insurance policy for auto, think through these points.

  • Put your and your family’s safety at priority. In an unfortunate incident, health insurance is the first thing asked by health practitioners. Choose a policy that covers personal injury and liability with auto insurance.
  • Uninsured drivers are in abundance. It is quite likely that in case of an accident, the driver at fault happens to be uninsured. Do not take risk of losing your vehicle and get urself good auto insurance.
  • Major accidents can happen at any time. Your insurance policy should be able to cover a major part of your loss, if not completely. In case the other driver is at fault, the damage will be covered by that driver’s policy (provided he has insurance policy). In the case of natural calamity, your damages should be majorly covered by the insurance.
  • A car can go from being reliable to unreliable in a snap. In case you get stranded, your insurance policy should cover towing and rental coverage.
  • Go for a policy with minimum deductibles. Insurance policymakers offer rates according to the rapport of the drivers. If a family member is a rash driver and has a history of past accidents, the coverage might be high. The same goes for teenage drivers since they are prone to accidents.

For home insurance, think over these points:

  • Exterior or interior damage is usually covered by insurance companies in case of vandalism, lightning, hurricanes or other disasters that are covered in the policy. Most of the insurance policies do not cover floods and earthquakes. In case you live in an area that is prone to floods and earthquakes, you will have to look for an insurance policy that covers them. The insurance policy covers the exterior and interior caused due to any of the listed factors in the policy. If your house has freestanding structures like garages or guesthouse, you will have to get separate insurance for them.
  • In case your house is full of high-priced possessions, you can get these items insured in the policy too.
  • Personal liability or damages are weird with house insurance. If you file for liability coverage and your dog bites your neighbor, your policy will pay for her medical charges regardless of the fact if the dog bit her at your house or hers. If your kid breaks your neighbor’s vase, this amazing policy will pay for that as well.
  • Hotel or house rentals: in case you are temporarily rendered homeless due to any reason, your insurance policy will pay for your stay at the hotel or rentals, until you get back home. This policy is known as additional living expenses.


Insurance policy for your house and car is a must. You have to be smart and strike the right policy that may be useful to your lifestyle and needs. Having an insurance policy does not mean that you are sure of occurring the losses. Rather, these policies are to protect you from any financial losses in case of misfortunate events. 

Author: Brandon Park