How to Effectively Negotiate Hard Costs In A Car Crash Settlement Claim

Car insurance agents take pictures of accident-damaged vehicles with a smartphone as a proof of insurance claim.

When negotiating an injury claim, it’s up to you or your attorney to convince the insurance adjuster that your damages are reasonable and must be compensated. Typically, expenses such as medical bills as well as low wages are referred to as ‘hard costs’. This means that there’s a clear dollar amount related to those expenses and should be backed up with receipts, bills, as well as low wage verifications from your company manager.

Here are some tips to help you justify the amount you’re demanding.

Seek Immediate Medical Help

The steps you take immediately after a car accident are extremely important. Your actions will directly impact your claim negotiations with the other driver’s insurance company.

For instance, if you were hit during a collision, act swiftly. Don’t wait two or three days to see how you feel before visiting the doctor. And if paramedics are called to the scene, allow them to evaluate your condition. By all means, try cooperating with them.

Don’t refuse or delay medical attention. The insurance company will take advantage of that chance to argue that your injuries weren’t that serious or that they weren’t even related to the accident.

Let your medical provider know exactly when and how you got injured. Don’t assume that it’s already in your records. When all medical tests and treatment notes link your injuries to a car accident that occurred on a specific date, then your claim will be easier. Also, consider talking to a reputable car crash lawyer like Joel Vecchio Law Firm.

Set Reasonable Medical Costs

Insurance companies often train adjusters to settle injury claims faster, for the lowest amount possible.  Adjusters are familiar with the scope of medical treatment commonly associated with certain types of injury claims.

Plus, most insurers utilize computer programs to determine the average value of injury claims. And they’re always on the search for fake injury claims, where someone is making a false claim or simply exaggerating the severity of their injury.

Adjusters will scrutinize your medical bills to ascertain that your injuries are related to the car accident, missed work time is logical for the injury, and that the tests, as well as treatment, are reasonable for the injury. 

Gather Enough Evidence

You really need good evidence to support your claim. It’s your burden to prove that the other driver actually caused the accident.

So, before kick-starting your accident claim negotiations, be keen to collect and organize all documents related to your case. Certain claim-related documents can be accessed online through your state department as well as county records divisions.

Follow Up With Your Witnesses

Witness names plus contact information must be listed on the police report. Talk to them and let them know that you haven’t filed a lawsuit, but you’re only trying to reach an agreement with your insurance company.


When negotiating hard costs in an automobile accident, you ought to know exactly how to go about it. Generally, expenses like medical bills and low wages are classified as hard costs. Start by seeking immediate medical attention then set reasonable medical costs. Don’t forget to gather enough evidence to go a long way in supporting your claim. 


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How to Effectively Negotiate Hard Costs In A Car Crash Settlement Claim