What Is the Best Remote Car Starter for 2020?


In 2018, over 17 million cars and light trucks were sold across the US.

Besides driving away in a new ride, picking the options and features is one of the best parts of buying a new vehicle.

Along with engine upgrades and features like heated seats, keyless remote start usually doesn’t come on the base model. Meaning, you’ll have to pay for its addition.

When a remote car starter from the dealership isn’t exactly in the budget, or it’s simply not what you’re looking for, there are starters that can be purchased and installed separately. But, with hundreds to choose from, how do you make the right choice?

Follow along as we tell you what to look for and which are the best starters this year.

How to Choose the Best Remote Car Starter

Remote car starters can be installed while the car is being built. But, as mentioned, these are usually an expensive upgrade. On the other hand, you can pick up remote starter kits that suit your exact budgetary and functional needs.


Choosing from the hundreds of options out there can be overwhelming. To make it less complicated, find out how remote starts work and then keep these questions in mind. 

1. What Are the Basic Features?

Make sure you look at the operating range of the remote start. This is important because you need to have an adequate range to start your car from inside your home or office. Consider how far it is from your window or door to where the car is usually parked.

Check how many key fobs come in the kit. If you need more than one, choose either a kit with two remotes or a kit that’s expandable.

Many automatic car starters come with engine speed monitoring. This feature allows the starter to re-start the engine should it fail or die on the first attempt.


In the age of the smartphone, mobile compatibility is a helpful feature that’s become more and more common. 

2. Are There Any Additional Features?

Other features may include:

  • Car alarm
  • Lock and unlock
  • Panic button
  • Car location system
  • Two-way LCD key fobs
  • Defroster
  • Heat seat activation
  • Keyless entry

And while you might not find a starter with all the features you’re looking for, you might find a module kit. These are kits that allow you to add additional features as you desire – or as your budget allows.

3. Do You Need Antitheft Compatibility?

If your car has an antitheft module, you have to check the antitheft compatibility feature of the remote starter you’re considering.  

4. Do You Need Additional Fuel Delivery Controls?

If your engine is carbureted instead of fuel injected, you’ll need additional fuel delivery controls.

The Best Remote Car Starter for 2020

Read on for more details on the best remote car starters that 2020 has to offer. 

Viper 5906V 

The reviews on the Viper 5906V say it all – this is one of the best all-around remote car starters currently on the market. And the 2020 version comes with upgrades to the OLED touchscreen display as well as additional security features.

The operating range is up to one mile, so you won’t have any trouble starting the car from the second-floor office. You won’t have any trouble with the battery either, considering it only needs 60 minutes of charging once every six months.



Viper’s patented SuperCode technology makes it possible to use one remote for up to two vehicles – meaning less bulk on your keychain and less getting confused between the two. 

Avital 4103LX 

If you’re looking for affordability without losing any of the amazing options the best starters have, the Avital 4103LX is your car starter.

It comes with a Virtual Tach converter, which means you won’t have to install a tachometer wire connector if you decide to take on the remote car installation by yourself. It also comes with a full manufactures warranty, in case your installation is less-than-perfect.

Other features include lock/unlock, trunk release, and a valet mode, which allows users to keep the car running even when the key isn’t in the ignition. In terms of options, you can choose to add a horn or anti-grind relays.


Directed Electronics 4806P 

Another more-than-affordable option with all the benefits of even the most expensive remote start, the Directed Electronic 4806P has a range of over 5,200 feet. And that range is possible without a direct line of sight. 


This remote starter has a lock/unlock option, four auxiliary outputs that allow you to add devices on, and two-way communication. But the best part about this remote is its smartphone compatibility. 

By purchasing the DSM 200 or DSM 250 SmartStart module separately, you get access to the downloadable app that enhances every aspect of the starter. This includes trunk release, lock and unlocks from your phone, and even a panic mode for finding your car in busy lots. As a bonus, the app can be downloaded on multiple phones, meaning there’s no need for more fobs.

Crimestopper RS4-G5 

This kit comes with two five button remotes that can be used on either manual or automatic transmissions. Each of the remotes can lock and unlock the vehicle as well as start it remotely from as far as 2,000 feet away. Indeed, on just one remote, you can do all that for up to two vehicles.

The Crimestopper is also highly customizable. It comes with 31 programmable options that include everything from hybrid mode to engine monitoring.


More Than Just Remotes

Choosing from the hundreds of models of remote car starters out there is a daunting task. When you get started, ensure you know the compatibility of the remote with the features of your car. After that, you can start thinking about additional options such as alarms and smartphone compatibility. 

And for more than remotes and everything to do with cars, be sure to read more on our blog.


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What Is the Best Remote Car Starter for 2020?