How to Get Around in Las Vegas

Getting around in Las Vegas is not difficult as there are many transportation options to choose from. The trick is finding the best one. By looking at all the options in front of you, you stand a better chance of finding the best way to get around in Las Vegas. In fact, getting around without a car is also not all that difficult. However, keep in mind that Las Vegas is big and quite spread out. So, when choosing a means of getting around, you need to pick what works for you and your budget. Plan ahead and you won’t need to get a Las Vegas title loan to cover expenses.

Get Around Vegas on the Monorail

When traveling from Mandalay Bay to reach Excalibur, then you can use the monorail. It is free to use, and the monorail helps you reach your destination with minimum fuss or bother. The nice thing about choosing this way to get around Las Vegas is you enjoy air-conditioned travel and you will arrive at your destination without tiring yourself out.

Las Vegas Hotel Corridors

A second way of getting around in Las Vegas is using the corridors built by some hotels that help you travel from your hotel to another sister hotel in an air-conditioned corridor. Along the way, you can shop at the numerous retail stores and you can also find a place to eat or take a break. If you’re lucky, you can receive discounts and Las Vegas coupons online and when the staff giveaway some brochures. This is the least expensive way of getting around without a car.

Hotel Shuttle Services

The third option available to you is using the hotel shuttle services that are free for those who are staying at the hotel. The only exception is South Point which makes you pay for their non-airport service to the Las Vegas Strip.

Keep in mind that Las Vegas gets numerous tourists and so it is a city that is well prepared to cater to their needs. This means that you will normally find free parking at your hotel garage.

Take a Cab

If you want to hop from one casino or nightclub to the next, while you’re drinking, it makes sense for you to learn about getting around Las Vegas without a car. Walking to your destination may not be a good option. Getting a cab or limo to ferry you around. You’ll be surprised how much a limo service costs in Las Vegas.

The cheapest cab option is the minivan so you share the fare with co-passengers. Another way of finding a cab quickly is to walk a few steps away from your hotel. Most cab drivers pull into the hotel taxi stands so you won’t have much trouble getting one from there.

Take a Walk from One Club/Casino to Another

And, when you are on the Strip, you may want to check out different casinos and clubs. The best way of getting around Las Vegas without a car is to walk from one club/casino to the next. Along the way, you can take in the miniature Eiffel Tower and the dancing fountains as well as the plaster Obelisk.

Rental Cars

Rental cars are readily available in Las Vegas. All the main rental companies operate in the city. You can find a car rental service at the Las Vegas airport near the baggage claim and this car will cost you anything from eighteen dollars for a compact car to one hundred dollars for a more luxurious SUV.

Be Wary of Rush Hour Traffic

Las Vegas is a bustling city and so for people who visit here from out of town, it bears keeping in mind that rush hours can be genuinely very busy and hectic. So, make sure you try to avoid traveling in rush hours between 6:30 in the morning and 10 am as well as from 3 in the afternoon till 6:30 in the evening. Places to avoid during these hours include the Spaghetti Bowl and Rainbow Curve as well as the area of US 95 falling between Lake Mead and Jones Boulevard (north and southward heading).

Take a Bus or Trolley

Taking public transportation also makes sense. If you choose this option, then keep in mind that between the hours of 5:30 in the morning and 1:30 am, you can use the bus services which operate at these times. A single bus trip on the Strip will cost you two dollars per ride and 1:25 dollars in downtown Las Vegas.

You can also use the Las Vegas Trolley which operates between the hours of 9:30 in the morning and 1:30 am every day. Another option available to you is the Deuce which is a double-decker bus servicing the Las Vegas Boulevard. A one-way ride on this bus costs 2 dollars though you can save money by purchasing an all-day pass for five dollars.

Cost of Taxi Rides

There are other options available to you when getting around in Las Vegas. The cost of a taxi ride is three dollars for the first mile and $1.80 for every extra mile. Stopping at a red light in a taxi would cost you 35 cents. A cab can only hold five passengers. Be wary of cabbies that take a longer route around the city.

Use a Bike or Scooter

If you are more interested in getting around Las Vegas without a car, then consider taking a walk in the city. Walking from one hotel to another is a good idea because most hotels are not located too far from other hotels. If you plan on getting around Las Vegas without a car and you think that taking a bike ride in the city makes sense, then think again. This city is not bike-friendly.

Even so, it is possible to rent a bike or moped or even a scooter on the Strip. However, riding a bike or scooter in the city will not prove to be easy because the sidewalks are clogged and fast-moving cabs are another hindrance. The only place where you would enjoy your bike ride is in the residential area where there are dedicated bike lanes. The best way to enjoy a bike ride in Las Vegas is by heading out to the more picturesque and cooler mountain areas where you can bike on dedicated bike lanes.

Author: Brandon Park