How To Handle Various Areas Of Your Transport/Shipping Business

Today’s world truly revolves around convenience as nearly everything can be delivered in a matter of a few days. Running a shipping or transport business can be immensely profitable when it is run efficiently. There are massive companies that have an advantage but they can be beaten on customer service. Trying to get ahold of someone from USPS or FedEx can be a nightmare to say the least. Running the business needs to be done with the customer in mind. The following are tips on how to handle different areas of your transport/shipping business. 

Finding Reliable Drivers For Car Hauling

Car hauling is a big business as not everyone wants to drive a car across the country when moving. There is a massive movement out of large cities due to remote work opportunities becoming available. Others are finding remote roles so they can move to places where there is a lower cost of living. The last thing anyone wants is damaged cars due to an accident. Finding these drivers might require paying very competitive wages as these drivers are always in demand. Shorter transport jobs can likely be handled by the same drivers if they do not want to be on the road constantly. 


Marketing is always going to be important in the digital age as search engine rankings dictate business in a number of ways. Ranking at the top of search engines can bring in a number of organic leads. The tough aspect is that there is quite a bit of competition for so many industries. This can be a full-time job in itself so you can either hire a marketing team or outsource marketing to a digital marketing agency.


Accounting can be easy to outsource as you might want to invest in account services from an accounting firm. These professionals can help a business save money come tax season. Finding various tax breaks can be difficult if you are not well-versed in accounting. Certain platforms like TurboTax can be helpful but this in no way replaces a CPA handling your taxes for you. Take the time to see if there are any accounting firms that work with small businesses in your area. You want a firm in your state due to state tax laws being vastly different. 

Finding New Clients 

Acquiring new corporate clients can allow a transport or shipping company to go to the next level. Businesses can thrive when they are not worried about cash flow so they can invest in the business. Building a great sales team is going to be tough but it can be done with intelligent hiring. The sales and marketing teams should be in communication as the leads could differ in quality. This could require the marketing team to change a few tactics that they are using to maximize the ROI on marketing spend. 

A transport business can make quite a bit of money as the services will continue to be needed. Take time to look at your business to see where it can be improved. 

Author: Pat McGuigan

Pat McGuigan is an accomplished author, car enthusiast, and journalist who has made a name for himself in the automotive world. With a passion for cars that dates back to his childhood, Pat has dedicated his career to sharing his knowledge and insights with others through his writing. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Pat's love for cars was instilled in him at a young age. Growing up in the heart of the American automotive industry, he was surrounded by the sights and sounds of the latest and greatest cars and trucks. He spent his childhood tinkering with engines and reading car magazines, and by the time he reached his teenage years, he knew that he wanted to make a career out of his passion.