How To Increase Sales At Your Car Dealership

Managing a car dealership has a lot of variables to consider whether you want to increase repairs or increasing sales. Increasing revenue will take hard work but optimizing processes can make hard work much easier. A proactive approach should be taken when trying to increase sales during the slower times of the year. Most dealerships can sell cars during tax return season while during other times of the year they struggle immensely. The following are tactics and things to do to help set your sales team up for success at your dealership.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing could be the most important part of selling more cars as people routinely look for cars online. Updating the car availability as well as listing cars in car sales search engines can maximize the exposure for a car. People are willing to drive hundreds of miles for the right deal so keep this in mind. Showing up ahead of another competitor dealerships in the search engine rankings can help boost sales as people rarely go passed the first page.

A Huge Sale Per Quarter

Advertising a blowout sales every weekend is not going to be the best use of the advertising budget. The potential customers can find these ads annoying and can make a sale lose its appeal. Pairing a sale with a specific holiday is a popular choice as many people use a 3 day weekend to purchase a car or even get their cars repaired. The 4th of July is a favorite for many of those dealerships that throw sales although it never seems to create a 3 day weekend. Plan what sales to throw and put time as well as energy into the perfecting marketing campaign for each sale.

Staff That Dress and Look Great

Having a staff that takes care of themselves is important as something like a nice suit and smile can help close a deal. Taking care of teeth and skin is also important as you only get the chance to give a first impression once. Finding the right products for the health of the skin is as easy as visiting as they have a variety of products that can help with skin health. An employee gym on site can help your staff stay in shape and feel great as well as look great.

A Good Customer Management System

Investing in the right customer management system is important for a dealership that also offers repairs. Being able to see the mileage on a car as well as the condition a car is in is valuable information. Offering to give a good price for a trade in can be just enough to close a sale in the coming days with this customer. This can help turn someone who was just in for an oil change into a buyer in a matter of minutes. Leaving detailed notes about a customer can allow a salesperson to understand a bit of their personality. Even something like noting a college sports sticker on the back windshield can build that little bit of rapport and help relax the customer.

Author: Brandon Park