How To Remove Window Tint From Your Car

A car window tint is a handy accessory for most car owners. Whether you want protection from the sun or some extra privacy, a car window tint will help you achieve this and more. However, car window tints are subject to degradation, and you’ll have to replace them at some point. The process of removing window tint is simple, though!

 Here are ideas to guide you:

1. Prepare all materials

You’ll require various supplies for the task, and this depends on the method of tint removal. Gather all the needed materials and plan to do this on a sunny day. These include squeegee blade, garbage bag, soap and water, ammonia, spray bottle, and mask.

2. Prep your car

Before embarking on the task, prep your car so that the tint removal process doesn’t affect other parts. For instance, if there are stickers on the windows, you should remove them to ease the tint removal process. Moreover, if you need to plug a dryer or steamer, have a long extension cable to reach the car interior.

3. Peel the tint

 Now it’s time to begin the tint removal process. The soap and scrape technique is one of the best ways to remove window tint.  Begin by lifting the tint at the window corners using a razor blade. Be gentle and peel it carefully from the glass surface. Be careful, for if you tear the tint, you’ll have to repeat the process.

4. Apply soap and water on the window surface

Mix soap and water, and apply it to the outer part of the window. Use a spray bottle to simply the process, and be sure to cover all the parts. Moreover, protect the sprayed area with a plastic garbage bag and use a squeegee blade to smoothen it.

5. Apply ammonia

Apply ammonia to the layer of the plastic bag. Protect the things inside your vehicle from ammonia that can damage them. Also, wear a mask and other protective gear to shield yourself from the ammonia fumes. For excellent results, use a spray bottle to coat all the window parts evenly.

6. Put another layer of plastic bag.

While the ammonia is still wet, put an extra layer of plastic bag, smoothen it and leave it outside for some hours. Remember to do this on a sunny day, for this allows the garbage bag with the trapped ammonia to absorb heat and loosen the adhesive that keeps the tint intact.

7. Peel & Clean up

Peel the tint from the car windows, and begin with the corners. Use a squeegee and try peeling the tint in one piece to ease the cleaning process. After removing the tint, use spay water to clean the windows. Clean thoroughly and ensure that there are no tint films left. If there are still some tint traces left, seek help from experts, and they will guide you on how to take off window tint from your car.

In summary

Car tint removal isn’t as complex, and many car owners think. You can do this at home if you understand the steps. For excellent results, acquire all the cleaning supplies in advance, and be careful not to break the car windows. If unsure of the steps, hire professionals to help you out.

Author: Doug