How to Soothe Anxiety: 5 Tips That Can Help

Everything in this world moves at a breakneck pace nowadays. News updates every few seconds in a never-ending stream, deadlines tighten, and there’s intense pressure to keep moving, keep hustling, keep grinding. With so much in our world telling us to speed up and reminding us of the worst parts of humanity at every turn, it’s little wonder that 18.1% of the population struggles with an anxiety disorder.

If you fall into this percentage and have been looking for ways to reduce those racing thoughts, look no further. Our guide will show you 5 ways on how to manage anxiety symptoms that you can keep in mind for your next bad mental health day.

1. Try Journaling Your Thoughts to Soothe Anxiety

Sometimes, the simple act of putting your thoughts to paper can help you see that they’re not as frightening as they feel when locked inside your head. That’s why journaling is one of the best ways to soothe anxiety.

2. Use Comforting Sensory Stimuli

Sometimes, you need to experience something comforting to soothe anxiety attacks. You can do this by exposing yourself to a sensory stimulus you find comforting. This can be the feel of a pet’s fur, the touch of something soft, the sound of a loved one’s voice, or a favorite piece of music.

3. Conduct a Grounding Exercise

Another way you can soothe anxiety when in the midst of a bad episode is to conduct a grounding exercise. Root yourself back into the present moment by naming objects you can see, hear, smell, taste, and touch.

Don’t assign value judgments to them. Just list them as you see them. This can help you stop a spiraling thought pattern.

4. Look for Herbal Solutions

Self-soothing anxiety can become difficult at times. During those tough periods, you may want to seek out herbal solutions like supplements. Or, if vaping is more your speed (and you live somewhere with legalized marijuana) you can look into delta 8 carts. Users have reported a sense of calm after a hit, but you should always discuss any non-medical supplementation with your doctor to ensure that you’re getting the best treatment.

5. Go to Your Calm Place

Lastly, if you’re in a bad place mentally, you can always soothe anxiety by heading to your calm place. Everyone has a place they remember feeling calm, comforted, and safe. If you can mentally bring yourself into that quiet, calm place, you can soothe your anxiety even on the worst days.

Looking for More Ways to Soothe Anxiety?

Each of the above methods we mentioned can help you soothe anxiety when it’s at normal levels. If you struggle with more severe symptoms, don’t hesitate to reach out to a doctor for further help or medical intervention.

Still, the list above is far from an exhaustive look at all the coping mechanisms you can use when in the midst of a bad anxiety day. If you work in any industry, from ridesharing to hospitality, you need more active adjustments. Check out our blog for helpful tips like these.

Author: Brandon Park