Innovation in Auto Industries: CBD Hemp Car

Auto industry has always been a trending industry among the people. It has collaborated with different techniques to give the best products. These days people are preferring CBD products like best CBD gummies, oil, salves and tinctures. The hemp CBD which we use for the health benefits like relief from stress,anxiety,weight loss and more benefits to live a healthy lifestyle can be used in the automotive industry too.Surprised? Don’t know about it?

No worries, you’ll learn about it today.

Yes, it’s true. 

Auto industry has done innovation with hemp to make hemp cbd cars. Before going into the depth, let’s see how it all began.


The first hemp based car was created by Henry Ford. He is known as the first auto titan who made the dream of hemp cars coming into reality.It was his dream to build such a car running with pure hemp ethanol and involving hemp manufacturing. But due to world war II and no demand,his dream came to an end.

Today,Modern cars  are becoming biodegradable by using biodegradable parts to make it a highly healthy percentage in automobiles. It’s quite important to understand in today’s world that hemp based plastics have the ability to create a boom in the industry of automobiles. Hemp with automobile industry can do wonders and this innovation will make it a perfect match.

Henry’s hemp car

In the beginning of the 20th century,hemp was a promising material. In Henry’s hemp car,the complete car was made up of cellulose that comes from hemp and other plants. It’s surprising to know that even the fuel was hemp oil based fuel.The exact material used and procedures adopted by Henry is still unknown but few of the magazines such as popular mechanics revealed the steel used was only in the tubular welded frame . The remaining was made up of 70% of cellulose fibers that come from hemp, wheat straw and more.

Hendry’s vision of a hemp car  died with his death and could not come into existence. Powerful oil companies never Supported the unique concept and killed the car’s prospect of being constructed and running from sustainable material.

Today’s hemp car?

It took world’s more than 70 years to see the comeback of hemp based cars. In 2020, in Jay Leno’s show Jay Leno’s garage,Bruce dietzen’s invention was featured: “a little read convertible made of hemp”

He has invested nearly $200,000 to build a sports car with bodywork made from hemp cannabis.This car made from hemp cannabis was claimed to be stronger than steel .Just by seeing it from your eyes, believe me you couldn’t differentiate it from a car made of steel. According to high times, he’s aiming to manufacture vehicles that will make the industry free from steel, petroleum based plastics and carbon fiber. Dietzen is selling his car at a price ranging from $40,000 to $197,000. Now while comparing his car with the hendry’s prototype makes the differences a bit clearer. 

Dietzen highlighted the following differences:

  • Hendry used randomly oriented natural fibres while I used woven hemp.
  • His body panels were 7% hemp fiber,mine is 70% hemp.

Hence, it could be understood as the improved version of hendry’s hemp car.

Benefits of hemp car

Since it will be a car made from plants,the manufacturers need not to be dependent on processes that create pollution. Hemp car manufacturing will be environmentally will not have any negative impact on the environment which is adversely suffering a lot from human activities in this world of continuous increasing demand and industries.


We can just wish that hemp cars will become the future of the automobile industry .If it will come, manufacturing activities will have less adverse effect on the environment and cannabis hemp will create a boom. Hemp car and automobile industry is a perfect match for the future automotive world.

Author: Doug