What is Audi Android Auto Useful For?

Audi Android Auto is a complex application whose main rival is Audi Apple CarPlay. The software first debuted as a simple interface that was meant not to consume too much attention from drivers who were busy driving and wanted for example to turn on their favorite music in the vehicle. Over the years, Google engineers have developed the tool in a very interesting way, resulting in today’s software that is close to ideal for the vast majority of drivers.

Minimalism is the most important!

In the general opinion of most observers of the mobile market, the main problem of traditional interfaces in smartphones is their excessive expansion. Modern platforms rely heavily on gestures, which are based on the assumption that we are constantly glancing at the screen. When we are at home, this is not problematic.

The situation changes dramatically when, for example, we want to turn on music or make a call while driving. The driver must be able to activate the most important functions intuitively, with a tap on the screen or a simple voice command.

If the smartphone is unintuitive in this aspect, it risks an accident. In many countries it is illegal to use a phone while driving, so it is much better if we don’t need to use it. And it is in these situations that Audi Android Auto emerges as an extremely sensible, well-optimized application.

If your car is compatible with the Google platform, the vast majority of the tasks you want to perform at any given moment can be done with the function buttons that you have on the steering wheel or the center console in the car.

Android Auto and compatibility with Audi vehicles

The great majority of Audi cars are prepared to work with Audi Android Auto. This includes cars such as the Audi A1, A3, A4, A5, A6, A8, as well as representatives of the S line: S3 and S8 and Q: Q3 and Q5. This is a really big group of cars with Audi logo.

It is also worth mentioning that the manufacturer’s vehicles are compatible – just like Audi Apple CarPlay – with MMI 3G Basic, Plus and High, as well as RMC, MMI Mib1 and Mib2. Checking which MMI version your vehicle has is very easy. Just use our guide available here.

What’s more, in the case of the Google ecosystem, that is the Android Auto platform, for all these devices it is “guaranteed” to connect via wired communication. You have to reckon with the fact that you won’t always be able to sync with your vehicle via Bluetooth. 

What does Audi Android Auto offer?

Undoubtedly, the first thing that comes to the fore is compatibility in managing the contact list, including the ability to receive and make calls. In this way, you can not only manage calls to selected people, but also activate maps and navigation to a given address. There is also nothing to stop you from opening selected applications or turning on music, using a selected application for this purpose, for example Spotify. These are many functions which will be perfect for travelling. Both on a short distance, for example to a store or shopping mall, and during a long holiday trip.

How to extend Audi Android Auto functionality?

If you are tired of connecting “by wires”, you can always think about changing the interface to a wireless one. Just use our converter and connect it to the MMI USB port to enjoy all the functions without annoying cables.

Our converter is fully compatible not only with Audi vehicles, but with all Infotainment-based platforms, including some BMW, Mercedes, Opel, VW or Volvo vehicles, among others. This is an interesting addition that significantly increases the comfort of using Android Auto for Audi, which should appeal to many drivers.

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What is Audi Android Auto Useful For?