Is Ceramic Coating Worth It for Your Car?

Do you wish to keep your car as new as it was when you bought it? Does the fading paint annoy you? If yes, then a solution to this is available. Car enthusiasts will know it already. However, if you are not aware of it, you will learn a great deal about the ceramic coat here. In case you are curious, the coating helps keep your car as new as when you bought it. Did that excite you?

Read further to learn more about the coat and if you should invest in it.

What Is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is a unique technique where you add a chemical layer on your car’s exterior so that you can save it from any damage. You can avoid your car’s paint from getting dull apart from many other damages by applying the ceramic coat—more about this in the later sections.

Vehicles Ceramic Coating Is Good For

If you want to provide little protection to your car, you should opt for car wax and not a ceramic coat. However, if you wish to have a permanent solution, consider adding a ceramic coating on your car’s exterior. Some of the cars that should get a ceramic coating include:

  • A vehicle that gets driven roughly
  • A vehicle that doesn’t get a wash that often
  • A vehicle that gets washed with proper technique
  • A vehicle that you want to give a quick wash to

How Does a Ceramic Coat Work?

The ceramic coating comes under the head of car detailing. It refers to a solid surface that protects your car’s paint from the pollutants around. Once the coat gets applied to your vehicle, it will bond to it chemically. Thus, making it durable. So, the coating is a liquid that you spray on the car; it rests on it and becomes a solid.

If you compare the ceramic coat with other types of coatings, it is almost three times more durable. Therefore, you should opt for it if you are looking for something that will protect your car’s surface.

The Process

Knowing about ceramic coating is not enough; you should also be aware of the process. Prepping the car is one of the necessary steps in the process of a ceramic coat application. However, if your car paint’s condition is not up to the mark, you will have to fix it first.

After that, you will have to follow the steps given below:

  • Wash your car
  • Decontaminate the car
  • Wash the car again
  • Wipe the vehicle with a prep solvent
  • Apply the ceramic coat on the car

It may sound easy. However, it takes time and effort. Get ready to spend an entire day on getting the done.   

Benefits of a Ceramic Coat

Ceramic coating is both permanent and easier to use. Other than the obvious reasons, here are some more reasons to use it in your car.

Keep the UV Rays Away

Every car gets exposed to sunlight, and it increases the chances of the paint getting oxidized and fading. However, if you wish to avoid this from happening, then you should apply a ceramic coat. You will fall in love with your car’s surface after that. 

Makes Cleaning Easy

The ceramic coat will also aid you in cleaning your vehicle with ease as it is hydrophobic. It means that any water that you throw on the car will slide off the surface with ease. Not only this, but in winter, snow won’t stay o your car’s surface either. Thus, saving you the hassle to clean it. Other than that, mud or grime will easily slide off the surface as well. Hence, the clean surface always. What else would one want?

Adds Shine

As the ceramic coat does not let the paint to oxidize, the shine remains for a long time. The coating adds more gloss to the car’s surface. It would be difficult for you to take your eyes off your vehicle after you apply the coat. It happens as a result of the enhanced reflective properties. If you wish to give your car a shiny and glossy look, you should opt for a ceramic coat.

Protects From Chemical Stains

Many people complain about the ugly chemical stains on their car’s surface. If that bothers you, you will be glad to hear that a ceramic coat keeps all chemical stains away. Thus, allowing you to have a clean surface. Because the contaminants do not bond with the car’s paint, however, remember to wash your car often as some contaminants that do stick to the car’s surface can cause some damage.

Should You Invest in a Ceramic Coat?

You will make your life easy by not having to clean the car that often, but the coat will act as a protective shield. However, remember that there are some things that a ceramic coat is capable of doing. For example, making your car scratch free and eliminating the possibility of having watermarks on the car. Therefore, do not think that applying a ceramic coat means that your vehicle will be resistant to every kind of damage.

If you are considering getting a coat on your vehicle, then there is good news for you. Opting for a professional service is not essential as you can easily get ceramic coating sprays from the market too.

Author: Mike