What You Need to Know About DUI/DWI If Pulled Over

A number of people need to drive in order to maintain their livelihood. There are some cities that are nearly impossible to live in if you do not have reliable transportation. Public transportation in a number of states can be nothing short of a nightmare. Waiting for a bus that never arrives is a common occurrence due to buses breaking down and drivers skipping stops. Driving is a privilege which is a point that a number of people tend to forget. Being pulled over for a suspected DUI/DWI can be stressful to say the least even if you are sober. To be prepared with this kind of situation, it is best to have a DUI lawyer that you can contact anytime.

Understand Drinks When Compared to Blood Alcohol Content

The problem that a number of people encounter is that of underestimating how much they have had to drink. IPAs are a great example as these can have double or triple the alcohol of traditional beers. One or two of these depending on your size can put you over the legal limit to drive. A martini has multiple shots of liquor in it and even though you feel fine, you could be putting yourself at the risk of being arrested. There are BAC charts that you can bring up on your phone that can allow you to have a better idea of what you have consumed. Keep in mind that a heavy-handed bartender that knows you as a regular likely is not pouring standard drinks.

Restricted Licenses for Work are Available in Some States

The police are going to tell you that if you do not submit to testing you will have your license suspended. This is true but do not think that you will not be able to drive. You should not submit to testing if you feel like there is even a remote chance you blow over the legal limit. Your BAC is the largest piece of evidence in your DUI/DWI case so refusal is important. You can apply for a license that allows you to go to work, school, church, and medical appointments. While this is not ideal, do not think that you will not be able to drive at all. The last thing you want is to be terminated for a job due to a conviction after submitting to testing and failing.

Don’t Say a Word If Under Arrest

Staying completely quiet is going to be paramount when it comes time to face the charges of DUI/DWI. Acting wildly as you feel like you have been arrested under false evidence of being impaired is counterproductive. Acting like this will make a jury see you as belligerent even if they would react similarly if put in the same exact situation. The right attorney is going to be important in these types of situations. Even if you were impaired this does not mean you don’t have a chance to plea the charges down. A drug lawyer that also deals with DUI/DWI can be a huge help as they can recommend you to different treatment centers. Make your legal representative’s job easy by being polite to the police and not saying anything that is not relevant.

Being pulled over is never a relaxing time but keep these tips in mind. People make mistakes so try to minimize the damage done by this particular mistake. 

Author: Brandon Park