Is the Van Life Right for You?

Several people are looking to downsize as the new year comes around, but you might be left contemplating whether or not living the van life is for you. There are several things to consider to determine if life on the road is something you need to take on.

Want to know what those factors you need to consider are? Check out our helpful post below and get ready to live in a van if that’s your choice. It’ll be you, your companions, and the wide open road of adventure waiting for you.

Consider Your Priorities

Before you pack up all your belongings and begin enjoying van life, you need to carefully consider your priorities and if you’ve got the finances and flexibility to live this type of life. For example, if you work in a corporate setting, unless you can support yourself long-term without that job, the van life may not be something you want to consider.

It’s best to sit down and create a budget that documents the amount you need to live daily. Once you’re able to review your finances and what you need daily, you can then determine areas where you can cut down on expenses or various things that would make the task of purchasing and living in a van more of an actuality instead of a dream.

What Sacrifices Are You Willing to Make?

Once you’ve determined your priorities, the next step is to determine what you’re willing to sacrifice to make this lifestyle happen. For example, if you love shopping, you may have to give up buying so much because you’ll have limited space in your van.

Instead, you’ll have to find ways to make the most of having fewer items and maximizing the space you have. You may also have to sacrifice certain luxuries that come with living in one place since you’ll spend more time on the road in your van.

Of course, you can discover more here to review different camper van options you have to ensure you find a size that will work for you and your new lifestyle.

How Are You Going to Survive?

Unfortunately, money doesn’t grow on trees, which means you’ll still need to find a way to make money and support yourself as you travel. The beauty of the pandemic that began in 2020 is that the number of remote jobs available is plentiful.

The only downside is that several people are fighting for these jobs, which can make it harder to secure one. There are also several freelancer jobs available, but the amount of work you receive may lull depending on the time of the year.

Regardless you’ve got to ensure you have a way to support yourself and your expenses after joining others who have decided living in a van is the way to go.

Should You Live the Van Life?

When it comes to living van life, you’ve got to determine if it’s right for you before you take the plunge. What are you willing to give up? What sacrifices are you willing to make?

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Author: Brandon Park