Lawyer for Motorcycle Accident in Houston

The Texas Department of Transportation reported that over 6,000 motorcyclists were in serious accidents in only one year. If you ride a motorcycle, you could be at risk to get in an accident and should know what to do in case that happens. Here what you can do and how to hire a Lawyer for Motorcycle Accident in Houston.

Contact a Lawyer

 Bikers injured due to other motorist’s neglect or irresponsible driving can take legal action. Your first step after being in an accident, should be to contact a lawyer for a motorcycle accident in Houston. They can help you plan out what legal actions you can take. 

Commonly, they can help you get compensation for damages. These damages can include; lost wages, pain and suffering, and medical expenses. Without a lawyer, it will be almost impossible for you to recover your financial damages.

Why Hire a Lawyer?

A lawyer for motorcycle accidents can assist you in many ways. They can regain money lost from damages and help you plan your course of legal action. All of this is important, especially after receiving injury from an accident.

Plus, dealing with an insurance adjuster alone is no easy task. Hiring a professional can ensure that you get the most money back, but also help lessen the stress you feel. After being in an accident, you want to be able to focus on your recovery. 

With more severe injuries, you are going to need more help. Injury lawyers are experts in figuring out what you need and assisting with any legal processes.

Dealing With an Insurance Adjuster on a Claim

After an accident, insurance adjusters are not on your side. Their job is to get the insurance company to have to pay as little as possible. Without a lawyer, you put yourself at risk of not getting enough compensation to support yourself. 

Without your accident lawyer, an insurance adjuster might:

  • Shift the blame of the accident on to you
  • Not cover your medical expenses because they are “unnecessary”
  • Insist a recorded statement is needed for your claim
  • Tell you the value of your damages is much lower than it actually  is 

If you hire a lawyer for your motorcycle accident, this can be avoided. They are familiar with every trick an adjuster might try and can get you a fair amount of compensation back. If you skip hiring a lawyer, you risk losing out on a lot of money.

Comparative Negligence

Comparative negligence is how Texas figures out who is at fault and how much they should pay. You will need to show you are less than 50% responsible for the accident- a professional lawyer will know how to efficiently do this.

Wearing a helmet can help reduce your accident fault percentage.

Author: Brandon Park