Make Your Truck Work for You! Resourceful Ways to Earn Extra Cash with Your Pickup Truck

In the last five years, the total number of pick-up trucks has grown. If you’re reading this, you probably have a pickup truck. Wondering how to make cash with your pick-up truck?

No one hates some extra dollars in the pocket. Having a pick-up truck is an excellent opportunity to make extra cash. 

The good thing is your pick up doesn’t have to be new, a particular make, or pretty.

Whenever there’s a need to move goods from one location, it’s a potential work opportunity.
Read this article to learn how to make money with a pickup truck.


Research suggests there’s good money with home deliveries. The current internet bubble trend increases the value for delivery services by small, medium, and large scale businesses.

The businesses operate under stiff competition. They, therefore, use instant delivery as a gratification strategy to attract clients. Alternatively, companies may need delivery services to other businesses.

Don’t shy away from inquiring from the business owners or managers on available opportunities.

Large-scale businesses mainly hire companies for delivery services. So which businesses should you target?

The small and medium-sized business hold significant potential in delivery work opportunities.

Note: You can offer delivery services to the business owner or the clients. In shops where there are delivery services, use your charm to request to place some flyers. This way, clients can contact you directly if they need delivery services.

Moving Services

A lot of people move every year. Moving companies can sink customers’ thousands of dollars. Not everyone can afford moving company charges.

If you’re fit to move stuff around for several hours, make money with your truck. You’re probably wondering whether the small size pick-up truck can offer the services. The answer is yes. However, be strategic to approach the correct target market.

So which clients should you target? Aim for small families with few furniture. Families with small masses to move are easy to deal with.

Note that: it’s not that we undermine your potential to move a big family. However, it’s essential to deal with manageable luggage to avoid inconveniences for you and your clients. 

So how do you charge moving services?

You can charge per hour, mileage or per task.

Rent Your Truck

Don’t allow your pick-up truck to rust in the garage. If you don’t have time to run the Pick-Up truck, it can still earn you income. If you’ve, little time to run it, rent the truck.

Some people want to do the pick-up delivery, movement, and other related jobs but don’t have the pick-up truck.

The demand for the trucks exists because not everyone owns them.

Caution: If you decide to lease your pick-up, you got to protect your vehicle. Don’t trust everyone. Make sure you get in rational agreements to avoid loss or damage to the truck.

Alternatively, you can contact a car rental company to allow you to list your vehicle. Using a middle man seems like a profit reduction strategy. However, it is a useful strategy to protect yourself.

Leasing the pick-up truck may need some adjustments to suit the needs of the lease. Make agreement on these liner repairs.

If you’re sure the pick-up is under excellent protection, you can now rest and allow the truck earn you some money.

Household Rubbish Collection

Rubbish collection is not a field everyone would wish to venture. You should try the opportunity to make money with the pick-up as competition is low. The domain can offer you full recruitment.

Every household collects rubbish. Local businesses don’t do all the garbage collection.

Offering pleasing services in the field can expand your network through recommendation.

Mobile Advertisement

Businesses show significant value for advertisement as competition grows. The advertisement process has, therefore, become costly. You can offer your truck as a mobile advertisement tool.

The advertisement approach takes different forms. The company may require a full or partial wrap of the truck.

If you find wrapping your pick-up trucking pleasing, try using the cargo bed to place signs for moving your truck.

Where and How to Get Clients to Make Money with a Pickup Truck

Now you know the potential work opportunities you can land to earn extra income. However, without a plan on how to win the clients, then you have no job.

So how do you acquire the gig?

1. Recommendations from Friends and Families

Inform your friends and family members of your Pick-Up truck services. Some of the family and friends may need the services. Alternatively, they can recommend you to other people who need similar services.

It is through the technique that your network will expand. Don’t hesitate to communicate with your friends and family. That’s where the network and support begins.

2. Advertise Your Services

When it comes to advertisements, you start thinking about the costs. Relax. Creating ads in today’s society is almost free.

With today’s digital domination, you can use social media for advertising your services. It’ll only cost you an internet connection to have your posts running.

3. Posters

Create posters in strategic locations that reach target clients. Shop outlets, public places, eateries, bus station, and bulletin boards are potential places to place your publications.

Note: avoid placing posters on grey zones; it can cost you fines and penalty.

4. Poach Clients

The side hustles by the pick-up truck rarely get interviews. Get aggressive to poach potential clients. Visit the local small and medium scale businesses to make inquiries. Besides making inquiries, make your services known.

If the target population doesn’t need the services then, make sure to leave your contacts.

Don’t wait for opportunities. Go look for them. It is surprising that there are many work opportunities to make money with your truck.

Wrap Up

Don’t let your truck rust in the garage. If you need extra money, try the above strategies to begin earning income.

Make money with a pickup truck using the extra hours you have. To learn more on ingenious ways to earn income, visit our website. 

Author: Brandon Park