5 Tips to Choose the Best Small Business Contact Management Software

Are you struggling to keep your contact information up to date?

Best RFP response software can help. Companies everywhere are jumping on board. In fact, CRM software has become the largest software market in the world.

But what should you look for in a CRM package?

Keep reading to learn five things that CRM software can provide to your business.

1. Make Sure Your CRM Is Mobile

Technology advances have made it easier than ever to work from the road. Many companies have a full-time sales force on the road looking for new business.

If they don’t have an easy way to manage contact information, they aren’t going to be very productive.

Make sure your CRM software can be run on a variety of mobile devices. When your sales force has access to all the information they need, they can bring in more sales.

2. Look for Integrations

Software doesn’t exist in a black box anymore. Web services offer access to their data through the use of APIs.

This offering allows other companies to talk to different services to expand the data they have and the service they offer.

Look for ways your CRM can integrate with other services. This integration can give you access to more data that can help you make better decisions.

HubSpot Outlook integration is one of these. Being able to track emails sent to customers automatically can help you monitor the progress made with customers and potential leads.

3. Sales Pipeline

If you are managing your sales pipeline manually, then you are missing out on key features of CRM software.

Many software suites today allow you to manage your entire pipeline in the software. This functionality will give you a birds-eye view of all your potential leads and lets you track what you need to do with each of them.

4. Better Profile Information

The more information you have on a lead, the better you can target your message to them.

Many CRM software packages can automatically retrieve customer information. This information includes social media accounts, contact information, and company information.

You don’t have to spend your time finding this information yourself. You can use this extra time to formulate a plan on making the sale.

5. How Many Customizations Do You Want?

Some software has strong ideas about the way software should work. They provide a very streamlined experience that doesn’t give you much room to customize things.

Other software is much more free-form and allows you to shape it yourself.

Ask yourself how much you want to customize your CRM software. This decision will help you narrow down your potential choices.

Pick the Right Contact Management Software for Your Business

Not all contact management software is created equal.

Sure, you can pick something basic that only offers you a way to store your contacts. But why would you settle for that when you can get so much more? Make sure to research everything CRM software has to offer before buying a package.

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Author: Brandon Park