Money-Saving Tips for Car Owners

We all know how costly it is to own and drive a car, what with the road tax, vehicle insurance and running costs and every motorist is looking to save money wherever possible. There are ways to keep your motoring costs down and with that in mind, here are a few ways to keep your motoring costs down to an acceptable level.

  • Reconditioned Auto Parts – We all know how expensive car components are and when you have a car that is 10 years old, things start to go wrong and major components might need to be replaced. Rather than buying a new radiator or alternator, the local car scrap yard in Sydney would have reconditioned units and they offer a guarantee on all used components, which gives you peace of mind. Once a car reaches a certain age, many of the major components reach the end of their lifespan and replacing with new parts can be very costly.
  • Buy Used Tyres – Many tyre suppliers actually sell partially worn tyres, which still have a year or more of use in them, and if the tyres are the same brand, you can save quite a lot when you change all 4 tyres. Many motorists replace the tyres of their car in favour of wider wheels and the old set of tyres and wheels usually end up for sale in a small section of the tyre supplier’s forecourt, ready for inspection.
  • Change your Driving Habits – The way you drive your car has an impact on fuel consumption and by keeping the engine revs down, fuel consumption will decrease, thus saving you money. Correct braking techniques also reduce fuel consumption and by changing the way you drive, you can save a few dollars on fuel. Here is an interesting article about car body design and how it affects the stability of the car at high speed.
  • Regular Servicing – If you have your car serviced according to the manufacturer’s recommendation, you are reducing the risk of a serious repair by changing the engine and gearbox oil often, which prolongs the life of the engine. If, for example, you did not change the brake pads within the recommended mileage, they could wear down to the rivets and that would cause serious damage to the disc, which are expensive to replace. Preventative maintenance reduces the risk of serious repairs, plus you will receive top prices when you sell a car with a full service history.
  • Avoid Using the Car for Short Trips – Rather than drive to the local store, why not take your bike, or walk if it is not too far? Many motorists have a mountain bike in the garage and for any local trip, they would rather ride on two wheels that take the car, as this also improves physical fitness. Click here for vehicle licensing information from the Australian government.

There are ways to keep your motoring costs down and with that in mind, here are a few ways to keep your motoring costs down to an acceptable level. Additionally, find out how can you get a free car voucher by visiting that link.

Owning a car comes with a lot of expense and by using the above, you can reduce the cost of running and maintaining your car, leaving you with money that can be used for other things.

Author: Manager