5 Things Seattle Uber Drivers Have to Deal With

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Seattle has a healthy community that relies on Uber and Lyft for its transportation needs. Drivers can turn on their app, pick up a fare and find a rather consistent number of potential pick-ups along the way. But there’s a lot that drivers have to deal with in the industry. Here’s what Seattle drivers wish would change:

1. Road Rage is Deadly

Road rage is serious in Seattle. It’s better to let the other driver “win” than be the victim of a homicide. Road rage on I-405 led to a driver being shot in a drive-by-shooting. Reports indicate that the shooter honked at the victim two times, even after the victim changed lanes, and then shot as he drove by the victim’s vehicle.

Drivers in big cities tend to deal with higher levels of road rage, so make sure to keep your emotions under control and don’t engage someone who is in a fit of rage.

2. Gas Prices Are Rising

Uber is not sympathetic to rising gas prices, and in Seattle, prices are even higher. At the end of April, the national price per gallon of gas in the United States was $2.81, up from $2.38 a year prior.

Prices in Washington are even higher, with Snohomish County’s prices rising to $3.33 and King County’s prices reaching as high as $3.39.

Drivers in Washington, and primarily in the Seattle area, are facing lower profits as gas prices rise.

3. Side Sewer Issues

Drive into the older parts of the city, where old apartment buildings and homes exist, and you’ll find a major issue: side sewer repair. Picking up fares at older buildings may come with a shock as sewage is often seen making its way on to driveways and even down steps.

4. Professionals are Failing to Tip

A common issue, and it’s really not unique to Seattle, is that professionals are not tipping well at all. Lawyers are notorious for their bad tipping habits. One driver complained that two out of 15 fares actually left a tip.

The issue many drivers are facing is that law firms are paying for the riders, but the lawyers are not, so they have no reason to leave a tip.

When large conventions are in town, the issue seems to be a lot worse. But drivers can take advantage of surge prices during conventions, which is a major bonus.

5. Speed Traps are on the Rise

Recently, there’s been a major increase in the number of speed traps throughout Seattle. The U-district has a speed trap that caught one driver in the middle of the night. And we’re getting reports of speed traps popping up all over the city.

If you happen to get a ticket, you’re advised to hire one of the non-tipping lawyers mentioned above to fight it. You’ll often be able to fight your ticket down so that there are no points – no concern of higher insurance costs then.

Seattle’s rising cost of living also has many drivers being pushed out of the city. Committee hearings calling for higher pay have joined together to raise Uber rates and offer drivers a better chance of remaining in the city.

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5 Things Seattle Uber Drivers Have to Deal With