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    Are rideshare companies required to have wheelchair accessible vehicles

    person driving

    Over the past decade, Uber and Lyft have swept the nation with their revolutionary transportation model. While the ease of the apps and transparency from driver to rider make these companies incredibly popular, they fail to accommodate everyone.  Individuals with a disability that requires them to use a wheelchair are particularly excluded from the excitement […]

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    Mercedes CLA 45 AMG: AMG’s Spirit Animal

    Rewind back a decade or two ago, and you’ll find the AMG line-up for Mercedes was refreshingly simple. You had the fast super-sedans in the shape of the S63, E63 and C63, a few rapid AMG SUVs, a sprinkling of coupes, and the Black models for the customers who just hated ride comfort in their […]

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    Tips On Remote Garage Doors When You Keep Your Car In The Garage

    When installing a garage door, you need to ensure the safety of your family, home and property. The purpose of installing garage doors is negated if the garage has no security. Most premium garage doors are equipped with a remote control that can be used to control door openers a short distance.  Depending on the […]

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    Create video tutorials featuring your customer. Not your product.

    Maksym Babych, serial entrepreneur and SaaS professional.Founder and CEO SpdLoad Saas product expert, Maksym Babych notes that the main objective of the video tutorials is to educate your customer. Your client should know more about your software or service, understand what it is able to do and how it works.  However, it doesn’t mean that […]

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    Are Automatic Emergency Braking Systems Helping New Drivers?

    The technology of brake assist and automatic emergency braking appears to be a new advancement in the car industry. Innovation for this type of tech started as early as 2003 when Honda introduced an automatic braking front collision system. With Hondas help, developments have spurred car manufactures to equip automatic emergency braking (AEB) and forward […]

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    What are the Best First Cars for New Drivers?

    There’s no doubt that owning and operating a car is becoming increasingly expensive in the modern age, with the average UK motorist spending approximately £162 per month on running their vehicle. Make no mistake; the cost of insuring, fueling and maintaining a car can be prohibitive for new drivers, who are generally required to seek […]

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    Who Needs High Risk Auto Insurance?


    The insurance market is held together by a delicate balance between risky profit and safe betting. Insurers rely on the masses being safe, risk-averse drivers. At some point, a person becomes too risky for insurers to hedge against. Those marked by the insurance companies as a risky asset can expect different treatment. People with this marred repertoire following […]

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    Here’s a Basic Look at the Types of Generator for Your Home


    Generators come in handy during power outages or when you need power and there is no access to electricity. If you live in an area subject to major weather occurrences, having a backup generator can tide your family over until power is restored. For individuals or groups that host outdoor activities, there are several types […]

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    How Much Does Maintenance Cost for Your Car Over Time?


    People are paying more for cars today than ever before. It costs almost $37,000 to buy a new car and more than $20,000 to buy a used car. And the costs associated with owning a car don’t stop there! In addition to paying for a car, you also need to pay to maintain it every […]

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    5 Tell-Tale Signs Your Car Needs a Tune Up


    When you’re a person who doesn’t know all that much about vehicles, it’s tough to see the signs your car needs a tune up.  It’s important to stay on top of routine maintenance and check-ups, though, or else you’ll be stuck with huge repair fees and a damaged vehicle. We’re going to talk about a […]

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    Motorcycle Laws All Texas Bikers Should Know

    Motorcycles provide a great hobby and pastime for many residents in Texas. While they can be a fun form of transportation, it is important that bikers understand the motorcycle laws in Texas. Understanding these laws can help keep all riders safe on the road. And it can also ensure that bike owners are compliant with […]

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    Ultimate Spots to See in New Jersey While on the Road

    New Jersey is one of the smallest states in US, but it has several tourist attractions. The state holds its own identification in the best of sports that are not just historical but near to nature, architecture, adventure and more. You can find here the historical landmarks, museums, national parks, adventure clubs. An unusual attraction […]

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    Vehicle Wraps: The Pros & Cons

    Why Choose a Vehicle Wrap? You can choose a vinyl wrap for a vehicle for many great reasons. Here are some of the pros of getting one: Low Cost The low cost of a vehicle vinyl wrap is one of the most appealing features. A full vehicle wrap costs a fraction of the price of […]

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    Should You Buy Used Tires For Your Car?


    Got a flat? Unfortunately, if you’re in the market for new tires, you can probably expect to wind up paying upwards of $150 — and that’s per tire. There might be a better solution for those in need of a spare. Used tires may sound like an accident waiting to happen. But, they can be […]

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    What Do You need to Know About CBD Oil and Driving?

    CBD is one of the many chemicals found in the cannabis plant. Cannabis is well-known for its psychoactive elements. However, when it comes to CBD oil, it is considered as non-psychoactive because the THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) content is almost negligible (0.3%). To know how CBD Oil affects driving, let’s first understand what it is. What Is […]

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    Repair Cost and Maintenance of Car Components

    You finally got your new car, how exciting! Owning a car is a type of happiness that can’t be expressed in words. Not all would understand it but who cares what others think right? As long as you are happy it’s all that matters. Now, the immediate questions that come to mind after buying a […]

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    8 Signs It’s Time to Consider Repaving the Parking Lot


    Traffic and parking-fees cumulatively account for more than 45% of the total cost of vehicle ownership in the United States. With the level of exorbitance surrounding parking fees in most American cities, having a parking lot dedicated to your customers is an added advantage for your business. Repaving the parking lot adjacent to your business can […]

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    How Uber Changed Tech Valuations Forever

    how uber changed tech

    There is no denying that Uber changed the world in many ways. The ride share app changed how the world travels, but also how the tech world valued new companies. It’s a fascinating company, which itself has experienced several ups and down, in terms of company leadership, adversity as well as success in terms of […]